Don't Let The Unemployment Funk Drag You Down

Nancy Anderson
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When faced with financial responsibilities looming and the desire for a fulfilling career, your job search might cause stress that can lead to anxiety, depression and low self-esteem. Though coping with unemployment is stressful, you can keep yourself from fading into a funk with strategies to put you at the top of the candidate pool.

Keep your mind and your body active during your job search and while coping with unemployment. Focus on professional development to sharpen your skills and give yourself something to distract you from those looming bills. Take online computer classes, enroll in a continuing education course or participate in community charity work and activities to develop skills and contacts in the job market. Join professional organizations to build your network within the industry. These connections may ultimately lead you to a job referral or advice that transforms your job search. Participate in community activities to not only build your professional network but also to restore your sense of self, enhancing your self-esteem and self-confidence in the process.

It can be physically and emotionally draining to sit in front of a computer all day searching for your dream job, so take frequent breaks to keep you body active and your mind refreshed. Enroll in an aerobic or yoga class to free your mind and stretch your body. Take vitamins, drink plenty of water and stay productive around your home during your job search. Establish a consistent schedule that requires you to shower and dress by a certain time each day and block out time specifically for job searching. A consistent schedule can help bring you out of that funk and provide you with a purpose each day.

Target your daily efforts to increase your job opportunities. Instead of spending hours on job sites, narrow your keywords to find opportunities that match your skills and experience. Get out of the house and meet with professionals to review and revamp your resume and cover letter. Focus on how you present yourself professionally, and seek feedback from industry experts to increase job opportunities and polish application materials to make your efforts more productive and worthwhile.

Find ways to add your personality to your application materials. Craft cover letters during your job search customized to each position that use keywords from the job description. Make the most of your time by applying to companies you respect and admire. Your time should also be spent researching companies that have goals and missions directly related to your career goals. Researching a company that possesses a company culture that's an ideal fit for you is time well spent.

It's easy to drift into a lull during your job search. Learn to take care of yourself personally and professionally to beat the blues and find the career of your dreams.

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  • Doug D.
    Doug D.

    Thank you

  • Russell G.
    Russell G.

    Thank you!

  • Elliott H.
    Elliott H.

    Thank for the new job information.. Its very helpful

  • Confidential U.
    Confidential U.

    Thank you for the inspiration.

  • Freda D.
    Freda D.

    Great information and advice to stay active and have a routine.

  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Bryan thanks for your comment. Means a lot knowing that what we post here is helpful even to just one person. Best of luck on your job search.

  • Bryan Poulter
    Bryan Poulter

    Nancy I'd like to thank you for your comments and thank you for the time you spend here replying job seekers and giving advice.

  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    Thanks for the comments. @Anita have you attempted to use your college's career services? Many times colleges will receive notification of jobs that are not posted elsewhere. Maybe you should try in a different direction? Have you registered with a temp agency? Sometimes that's the best way to go. They know about the jobs and what the companies are looking for. They won't drag their feet either because they don't make money unless the fill positions. @Donald this might be a good idea for you, too. Check with some of the temp agencies who specialize in technical positions. ITT is not willing to help you find a position even though they advertise all of the time that they place graduates into high paying jobs? I would be contacting their career services office. The jobs are out there. We post new jobs daily. Never give up. We wish you all the best.

  • Anita J.
    Anita J.

    I'm 51, kids grown, not afraid of hard work, but a very spotty work history because my 3 kids have disabilities and required all my attention when they were growing up and since it's been 2011 since i worked last. i also graduated from Apollo College with honors in their medical assistant program with a 3.8 GPA and never was able to find work in that field in the entire year after graduation. Now, I"m stuck applying for jobs I used to have, but now have age against me (at least that's the impression I've gotten the last couple years trying to find a job) and most likely my spotty work history from when i was raising my disabled children BY MYSELF. Any ideas? I'm proficient in front office, customer service and housekeeping and laundry. Never was allowed to use what i learned....oh and i have a letter of completion from a certified peer specialist training as well i haven't been allowed to use.

  • Donald G.
    Donald G.

    I graduated from ITT Tech in June 2015 with an Assoc. Degree in CAD design but have yet to find a career opportunity. I graduated top of my class with 3.8 gpa and elected a member of the National Technical Honor Society and yet I feel like I'm being black-balled for some reason.

  • Isis S.
    Isis S.

    My Daughter, is having a very hard time finding employment, she has the education, but lack the experience. No one is willing to give her a try. It's hard to remain positive, when you have so many debts from trying to get educated, and the entry level position, are not there. Worried mother in Atlanta, Georgia

  • Alok B.
    Alok B.

    Excellent advice and we must follow it religiously, Thanks.
    Alok bhattacharya

  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    Thanks everyone for the comments. @Jacqueline it is unfortunate that some of the postings have expired. Many companies submit their jobs through feeds and they just may not be as reactive as we would hope in removing obsolete jobs. Even if we removed the posting today, it could be back in tomorrow. @Diana not sure why you got that error message about your email address. It might be worth it to try to contact the company or even try to submit directly on the company's website. @Angela so sorry to see you go. @Bryan so sorry you are going through this. That hurdle of not being able to apply because you don't have the experience but can't get the experience if you can't get hired. This isn't a new phenomenon. This has been happening forever. 137 applications - wow. Are you doing any followups? Yes age discrimination is illegal but it's VERY hard to prove. They can simply respond that another candidate was more qualified. How can you fight that? It is much harder to get hired today than at any other time - at least in my memory. But the jobs are there. Make sure that you are researching the position and the company. Do your due diligence. Maybe you know someone in the company and can contact them to submit your application. Make sure that you are only applying to positions for which you are qualified so that you don't waste your valuable time for a position that you know you would never get. Unfortunately many companies do not even acknowledge your application. They get so many applications that it is impossible for them to respond to everyone. To up your chances, make sure that you are picking out the keywords and including them in both your resume and your cover letter. Without the keywords, your application won't even make the first cut. It sure can be a frustrating process but the jobs are there. Just keep on submitting. All it takes is one application to the right company. best of luck to all of you.

  • Bryan Poulter
    Bryan Poulter

    You new career folks must realize, you need to start somewhere. Start low and get some experience... in something, even if you don't like it or feel it is beneath you. It's the unwritten rule, with exceptions of course, you must pay your dues. Sorry but that is how it works still today.

  • Bryan Poulter
    Bryan Poulter

    As of today I have submitted 137 applications, all targeted to my career since Feb. Still no job, and as C.M. complained about, no response or a "canned" response. I thought age discrimination was illegal.

  • Bryan Poulter
    Bryan Poulter

    No experience is indeed a big hurdle in trying to get hired. Been there, a long time ago. Now I have 40 years of experience and have kept up with technology but now... I seem to be useless. I have NEVER had difficulty getting a job, EVER.

  • Diana Russell
    Diana Russell

    Or how about you go through the entire application pprocess on line and then it tells you email address already in use and you cant go any further. I only use ONE email address!!!!!!!!!!!

  • C M.
    C M.

    Really frustrating to continually submit applications for jobs, to get no response at all, or the generic "we've chosen a different direction " response. Appears most want years if experience, but no one wants to give anyone a job to get the experience. Same old cliche....

  • Jacqueline LeDoux
    Jacqueline LeDoux

    I am continually getting jobs that have long expired. Why are they still being sent out...this is very frustrating

  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Gregory thanks for your comment. Our site is free to job seekers. True we do have products to help enhance your job search but those are all optional. @Arturo thanks for your comment, too. Most people misunderstand the purpose in job boards. We are not recruiters nor are we an agency. This means that we do not place applicants into positions. We send those alerts to you so that you can review the jobs and submit your application for them. Hope that clears up any misconceptions that you may have regarding Thanks and good luck with the job search.

  • Gregory B.
    Gregory B.

    So many of your suggestions cost $$ that we may not have, Or use gas money we can't add to the budget. My biggest rule is Do Not Touch the retirement 401K or IRAs. And avoid the "work at home" scams.

  • Arturo  O.
    Arturo O.

    I have it had any luck on this site.. All I get job Alerts

  • wayne b.
    wayne b.

    Me too please

  • Andrea K.
    Andrea K.

    So do I

  • Roy K.
    Roy K.

    ok nice.

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