eXperticity Platform Gains Momentum

John Krautzel
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The eXperticity platform has been gaining momentum with retail stores throughout the retail industry. The software application is designed to give retail stores the ability to deliver live, on-screen sales and customer service advice to employees who are assisting customers while they either shop in the store, shop online, or ask for assistance at a service counter. By arming the retail industry's employees with the knowledge they need about specific brands, it not only increases sales but also enhances the customer's overall experience. The fact is, the retail industry needs a solution that balances staffing and customer demands. But, does eXperticity have what it takes to keep customers satisfied enough to continue shopping in stores instead of online?

According to a recent article published by, Amazon has attracted customers from a variety of big store chains like Walmart and Best Buy as well as others in the retail industry, causing brick-and-mortar stores to do things such as matching Amazon's pricing to grab their customers' attention. The battle between local stores and the online retail giant isn't likely to cease any time soon. However, by using tools like eXperticity, both local and chain stores can enhance their customers' overall experiences to keep them coming back.

The idea for eXperticity came when D.L. Barton was waiting in a long line at the airport, watching how the inefficiency of staffing and operations affected customers. He determined that the single-point staffing widely used throughout the retail industry would result in a growing number of unsatisfied customers as customer demands continued to increase. Together with a software developer in Seattle, Barton developed the software and began marketing it through a partnership with Microsoft. Since its inception in 2005, eXperticity has won several awards and has been featured in numerous magazines, including Retail Week and Brand Week.

Each year, the eXperticity platform is used by more companies throughout the retail industry to provide sales associates and industry professionals with the brand-level knowledge needed to sell products. The platform also trains new sales associates to ensure that they are truly brand experts. The more knowledge a sales associate has on a specific brand, the easier it is to make the sale and ensure that the customer is satisfied with the product. And, customers are more likely to return to a store after they've interacted with a sales associate who seems knowledgeable and who is able to meet their needs.

While eXperticity alone isn't likely to keep customers shopping at brick-and-mortar locations, it is a step in the right direction. Customers who are shopping online are looking for convenience, and eXperticity provides sales associates with the information they need to help a customer quickly and efficiently. The software platform may not have the ability to completely transform the retail industry, but its ability to enhance customer experience will continue to attract more and more retailers.



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