Happy Holiday Job Hunting

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Looking at the next 6 weeks it’s tempting to rationalize the need for a break from your job hunt. It seems logical to swap your business cards for your credit cards and finish up the shopping before the crowds get too treacherous. There’s so much going on with activities and arrangements coming at you from all directions. You’ve been pushing, planning and prioritizing non-stop. Hibernation sounds like a good plan at this point.

Truth of the matter is many companies, not just retail, hire in November and December. They stock up on additional staff to assist with the hectic rush from the holidays towards the New Year so that new talent is trained and on target as business plans and strategies take off. Other potential candidates might be rationalizing a respite so now is the perfect opportunity to step up and stand out while others are slowing down.

"I would say taking time off from your job search is never wise, regardless of the time of year or season," General Manager at staffing organization Winter, Wyman, Frank Dadah states, "It may be a bit more challenging to schedule interviews during the holidays, but that doesn't mean companies aren't hiring."

Unless you’re meeting with Ebenezer Scrooge, odds are the hiring manager will be just a little jollier with the holiday spirit all around. Surrounded by festivities and decorations the mood will likely be lighter in comparison to other times of the year when you may try to apply. Human resources also might have budgets and hiring quotas to fill by the end of the year significantly increasing your chances of success simply for trying. By keeping the job search momentum going, bosses to be can see that you are a dedicated and determined individual.

There is really no better time to get out there to network and mingle with an abundance of holiday events. The season itself opens the door for making connections and future communications. Simply drop a Christmas card in the mail or send a holiday email. Reach out to the contacts from Christmas’ past with a happy holiday’s message and see if that opens the door to any additional opportunities.

It seems like a lot but keep it all in perspective. Try to get as much holiday preparation as possible finished in advance. If you shop for presents online it saves the time and trouble of a trip to the store as well as the temptation of impulse buying. Stay focused and you might just get what you really wanted this year, a new job.

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By Heather Fairchild


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