Healthcare Workers are in Serious Demand

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The need for healthcare workers is at an all-time high. The forthcoming Affordable Care Act and impending retirement of millions of baby boomers are driving up healthcare demand and jobs across the sector. Higher-paying titles generally require post-secondary education and relevant field experience, while support-oriented positions typically request a high-school diploma or higher. If you're looking to become a healthcare worker, today is a great day to begin the search for your perfect job.


The controversial Affordable Care Act (ACA) goes into effect January 1, 2014, at which point almost everyone in the U.S. will be subject to the health-insurance mandate. Studies predict a dramatic increase in care-seeking individuals, who are the driving force of future job growth and healthcare demand in the healthcare industry.


A recent article at Chicago Tribune reported a drastic shortage of healthcare workers and primary-care providers (PCPs) in and around low-income areas. Once the ACA kicks in, low-income patients are expected to account for an additional 26 million doctor visits over the course of one year. At least 7,200 doctors will need to enter the workforce to accommodate the influx in visits. Officials are suggesting doctors expand their medical practices to help ease the load.


Going into 2014, healthcare jobs will represent one of the best avenues for employment. Healthcare centers all over are posting job listings for healthcare workers from all educational backgrounds. The number of career postings should rise significantly by 2014. If studies are correct, a high-school diploma and desire to work in the healthcare setting may be enough to net you a healthcare job.


Healthcare support workers and personal-care aides are the fastest growing occupations in the U.S., let alone in the healthcare industry. Demand for these positions is projected to increase by nearly 70 percent in the coming years thanks to an aging baby-boomer population fast approaching retirement. These particular jobs typically require minimal education credentials and offer training programs to new recruits.


For college and post-secondary school graduates, they'll find a number of healthcare positions right up their alley and salary range. In "Outlook Improving New Healthcare Careers," Alex Kecskes reports the most in-demand jobs are part of the Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) and Healthcare Case Management (HCM) fields. Healthcare workers in HIT are tasked with maintaining the systems used to keep track of patient medical records. HCM professionals help patients understand treatment options and preventative actions and coordinate post-release care at hospitals. They also connect patients with necessary medical care and communicate with doctor's office.


With the Affordable Care Act and a growing senior population just around the corner, the healthcare field and prospective healthcare workers are reaping the benefits. The industry needs thousands of senior-care providers and primary-care physicians to accommodate these new developments in patient care.  


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