How to Know if You Are Headed For Burnout

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Burnout is a chronic state of stress that leads to total exhaustion, loss of efficiency, and lack of optimism for work and life. It's important to be able to spot the signs of burnout early on if you want to save yourself from crashing later. Employees who are headed for burnout place themselves at risk for many types of health, career, emotional and social problems.

You Start to Hate Your Job

If you used to love going to work each day but now hate your job, you may be headed for burnout. Employees teetering on the point of burnout lose motivation for their jobs, and work efficiency starts to suffer. Some people arrive to work late more often when stress on the job begins to build, and others may feel like they want to just walk out of the office. Get personal vacation time in to help resurrect your energy and willingness to attend work each day at your best.

Your Workload Seems Unbearable

If you are always the person who takes up the slack of other employees in the office, you may find yourself headed for burnout. Workers who take on enormous workloads and then try to finish it all by the deadline are susceptible to burnout. Don't be afraid to speak up to co-workers and managers if your daily workload is getting out of hand, or you may risk crumbling under the pressure at any time.

You Snap at Others More

If your attitude and demeanor at work have drastically changed for the worse, you may bedeeply affected by work-related stress. People who are on the edge only need a little prodding to explode, and this is what happens to overly-stressed workers. If you find yourself snapping at co-workers for insignificant reasons, you may be headed for burnout. In addition, stressed-out workers may also find themselves argumentative and confrontational around family and friends.

You Feel Physically and Mentally Worn

If you find yourself going to sleep late and waking up tired during the workweek, your job is likely weighing you down. Many people find themselves more tired than usual when stress levels at work rise. Some workers exhibit signs of mild depression before burnout occurs, while others start to suffer from anxiety. Workers who are headed for burnout may also experience cognitive problems, and they may find it difficult to concentrate on tasks at work or at home.

You Develop Really Bad Habits

People may develop detrimental habits as coping mechanisms to relieve their work-related stress. Some people begin to binge on unhealthy foods; others may overspend or start gambling. If you find yourself only able to wind down after a long day at work by using alcohol or drugs, get help because it's likely you're heading for burnout.

Avoid developing an "I can do everything" mentality that can wear you out over time. Learn to work efficiently, and give your body and mind the proper diet, exercise and time to recuperate from work. If you realize that you are headed for burnout, it's crucial to make changes soon to preserve your body and your sanity.


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