How to Make Yourself Hire-able

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Whether you’re in the midst of a job search or are ready to look for your first job, it’s always important to take the steps necessary to make yourself hire-able. This is something you can do even if you don’t have a lot of experience. So if you’re ready to kick your job search into high gear, here are some tips to consider …

Start Your Own Blog

One way to make yourself hire-able in the eyes of recruiters is to start your own blog. Making this effort works in your favor in a number of ways. First, it helps you to boost your web presence (which you need nowadays). Second, it helps show employers that you have knowledge in the field you’re attempting to make ground in (even if you don’t have experience). And third, it gives a ton of resources to offer prospective employers in the event that they ask for details about your background.

A blog is the perfect way to not only showcase your knowledge, but build knowledge as well. It’s the perfect transition for those trying to switch careers or those entering the professional world for the first time. But the best part is that you can easily start one with no worry of overhead because they are free.

Get a LinkedIn Page

Another great way to make yourself stand out among your competition is by signing up for a LinkedIn profile. You’ve probably heard of this great site for professionals, but if you haven’t, you’re really missing out. Not only can you create a virtual resume that is easily searchable via all of the search engines. But you can connect with other professionals for networking purposes and have those you’ve worked with before give you recommendations.

Having a LinkedIn page ups your credibility in the eyes of hiring managers and recruiters. So it’s a good idea to build yours – just don’t forget to link to your blog.

Obtain a Professional Email Address

If you don’t already have a professional email address, now is the time to get yours. While was probably an exciting email address in high school, now it’s time to get one that tells the story that you’re now ready to be a professional.

The standard route to take when choosing your professional email address is to use some variation of your name like, or But if you really want to look impressive, you could register a domain under your name then sign up for an email address through your own account (ex. This way, you could post a quick resume on your site, point to your LinkedIn page and blog, and have the ultimate professional email address.

Sometimes it’s not easy to think of ways to get your foot in the door when you don’t have a great deal of experience in the field you’re pursuing. But taking free or low-cost steps to build your experience beforehand could make you more hire-able then you could ever imagine.


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