How to Stay Optimistic When You Don't Get Replies About a Job

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Waiting for replies about a job is hard. You want to know where you stand in the hiring process, but companies do not regularly share this information. Sometimes you receive a notification that you are no longer being considered for a position, and other times silence is your only answer. This frustration gets in the way of your job search, so use these tips to stay optimistic as you wait for replies about a job.

The first step to maintaining your optimism as you wait for replies about a job is to focus on the actions you can control. You cannot control whether a company replies to you. You can control whether you apply for a new job today. Focus on the parts of your job search that are within your control, such as searching job listings, improving your resume and testing your interview skills.

Continue applying for jobs while you wait to hear back from companies. It is one of the best ways to stay optimistic and stay focused as you wait to hear replies. If you feel like you have already applied for all the available jobs, start getting in touch with your network, scheduling informational interviews and asking people if they know of any new leads.

The second way to keep your mood high during your job search is to make plans. Decide what to do if you do not hear back from companies. Options include applying for jobs in different industries, applying for different positions, enrolling in an educational program, taking a part-time position or pursuing self-employment opportunities.

Do not make your job search all about waiting for replies about a job. By making plans in advance, you know you have options if your job search falls through. This is often enough to keep optimism high during your job search.

Do not forget to practice good self-care during this stressful time period. Make sure you are eating healthy, nutritious food and getting enough exercise. Wolfing down a quick lunch while you refresh job listings does not help you maintain optimism or manage stress. Taking a true lunch break is a much better option.

As you wait for replies about a job, take time for yourself and focus on activities that you enjoy and that make you feel good. The more happy memories you create during this time period, the more likely you are to remain optimistic.

If you let your frustration get the better of you as you wait for replies about a job, you run the risk of losing momentum and derailing your job search. Instead, use these tips to maintain your optimism and keep your job search going until you finally hear back about your job applications.


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