How Your Accomplishments Help You Stand Out

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If you are looking for ways to make your resume stand out to employers without falsifying your experience, then consider highlighting any relevant professional accomplishments you may have. Emphasizing your achievements will set you apart from other candidates and show employers how you add value to the workplace.

Which accomplishments should I highlight on my resume?

If you don’t know which accomplishments to highlight, then start by identifying what the employer finds valuable from the job description. Then proceed to identify how your experiences could help employers meet their professional goals. Notable achievements include: professional certifications, awards, educational milestones, and unique experiences that add value to the workplace such as securing new investors or coordinating events. It is important to refer to the job qualifications of the roles you are applying for in order to identify what hiring managers will find impressive. The purpose of including accomplishments on your resume is to make sure that you are set apart from the competition. Therefore, although job responsibilities and experiences may be similar for multiple candidates, with unique accomplishments and achievements, you could add some variety to impress employers. Here are some ways that highlighting your professional achievements could help you stand out from the crowd.

Quantifies Your Experience. Results attract employers. Therefore, your resume should demonstrate growth in order to show employers that you are capable of helping them meet their goals. Use the goals and responsibilities listed in the job description to tailor your achievements based on the results that employers are looking for. The more you quantify your experience, the more likely you are to stand out.

Shows That You Add Value. Unique professional experiences such as awards, humanitarian achievements, travel opportunities, quick promotions, notable customer appreciations, etc., are all positive ways that job seekers can demonstrate how they add value to the workplace. These accomplishments will advocate for your professional reputation and assure employers that you will represent them well. Additionally, the value you bring to the workplace may qualify you for leadership roles and advancement opportunities in the future.

Elevates Your Expertise. Professional achievements such as educational advancements and certifications are great ways to show employers that you are highly knowledgeable in the field. Highlighting your proficiency in industry specific tools and software is evidence that you are continually improving your skill sets and refreshing your palette of industry knowledge. This is especially important if your educational background is more than a decade old because it shows employers that even with a lot of experience, you are still willing to learn and committed to growing in the field.

Displays Your Professional Contributions Outside of Work. The achievements section on the resume is also where you highlight how you are contributing to the professional community outside of work. Making meaningful connections is essential to being successful in the workplace. Therefore, any professional organizations or memberships that you are a part of are considered noteworthy because it shows employers that you are actively networking. On the other hand, volunteer work is also a great way to demonstrate your ability to maintain healthy work relationships and make a positive impact in the community.

Listing any relevant and unique accomplishments is an effective strategy to elevate your resume. Showing potential employers what value you bring is the key to standing out from the crowd.


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