Human Resources Technology Trends to Watch in 2014

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In the age of Big Data, human resources is undergoing a significant transformation. From cloud storage to data-driven hiring systems, HR trends in 2014 are largely expected to focus around new technologies. As an HR professional, it is crucial to stay on top of the latest HR technology trends so that you can ensure your company is utilizing the best possible tools to find the strongest candidates.

For people who work in human resources, technology is already overturning established systems. One of the most important HR trends in 2014 got its start several years ago when cloud technology first appeared on the market. This year, as technology companies roll out advanced security measures, more businesses are expected to adopt cloud systems. As an HR professional, you might consider cloud-based systems for employee records, hiring documents, and all manner of corporate policy information. By setting up secure access levels, you can enable anyone in the company to access the appropriate data securely from any type of computer or mobile device.

The adoption of data-driven hiring systems is expected to be one of the most exciting HR trends in 2014. These systems, which use data to identify top candidates, have the potential to transform the human resources profession. Using data-based hiring and recruitment systems, you can rank candidates using proven predictors for success in your type of industry. This type of technology is already in use by major companies such as Apple, which uses data gathered internally and from outside data-gathering companies. In order for the technology to become mainstream, the Harvard Business Review states that HR professionals will first need to recruit and train the people who will collect and analyze the data and deploy it into user-friendly systems. As a result, another of the top HR trends in 2014 will be an increase in opportunities for data experts.

When it comes to HR technology trends, mobile applications have long been on the radar of many HR departments. The growth of mobile apps is expected to be among the HR trends in 2014, partly because of the low barriers to implementation. Instead of relying on old methods of information distribution and employee notification, you will be able to use existing apps or create custom apps for your business. When your employees have instant, easy access to all of the forms, policies, memos, and notes that they need, they can complete their duties more efficiently. As an added benefit, increased access reduces administration time for HR professionals.

For people in the human resources field, 2014 promises to be an exciting year. Many of the top HR trends in 2014 involve advanced technology that will enable you to streamline your hiring and talent management processes, enabling you to focus on building powerful teams.



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