If You Are Not Getting Qualified Applicants, Maybe it's Your Job Posting

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If you're having trouble finding qualified applicants for your organization, enhance the quality of your job postings. Whether you're a small business looking to make its first hires or a huge corporation filling vacant posts, check out these tips for improving your job postings and enjoy interviewing a better selection of candidates.


The first sentence of your ad should be carefully crafted to draw in the most qualified applicants. Do you offer flexible scheduling and work from home opportunities? Are learning opportunities integrated into the position? How does the position add value to your company? Carefully choose your words to emphasize the top benefits of the position. Translate the features of your company into worker benefits. For example, if your company has been around for 50 years, state that you offer long-term job stability. If you are a startup, state that the position provides the opportunity to influence the business from the ground up.

Share Company Culture

Potential workers want to know how they would fit in at your organization, so use your job posting to share that information. Try adding quotes from your current workforce to give applicants a feel for your current company culture. Share your company's mission statement to give job seekers an idea about your values and how your business impacts the community and the world. Let the applicant know what makes your organization different.

Focus on Marketing

Quality job postings serve as an advertisement for your company, so make sure that they are upbeat and fun to read. Format your job postings to be eye-catching and easy to skim for information. Try highlighting important information with bold fonts and different colors, and use bullet lists to keep information organized and easy to follow. Check to make sure all included links are correct, and make sure your company website is up to date and a good representation of your organization.

Make It Easy to Apply

Provide a direct link to the job application in the job posting, and keep that application simple. Easy-to-use tools for uploading requested information, such as resumes and cover letters, further simplify applying. Include clear and direct instructions for all steps of the process. Busy job seekers are likely to move on when faced with lengthy, complicated applications or registration processes.

Consider Professional Help

Writing is not everyone's strong point. If you are a small company without a human resources department, hiring a freelancer to take care of job postings may be worth the cost. Look for someone with strong writing and marketing skills that can help portray your company well and pull in great talent.

Overhauling your job postings is a great way to improve the number and quality of applicants for positions. Upgrade your job postings by placing the most important information first, actively selling your business as a great place to work, and keeping the application process simple. Then, get ready to interview, hire and retain top-tier employees who meet your company's needs.

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