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You are in the business to sell your merchandise. Discovering new ways to do just that can be intimidating or just plain worrisome. Here are some simple ideas that can help you increase your revenue and profits in sales.


How to Increase Sales


Everyone in business wants to increase sales. Increased sales mean more profits. To sell more, first of all, think of selling as a service to your customer instead of trying to convince the customer to buy what you’re selling. Think of yourself as your customer’s problem solver. Ask in depth, intelligent questions when talking to your customers so that you can find out what your customers really need to solve their problems or to achieve their goals. If you discover your customers don’t need what you’re offering, point them in the right direction. It is good customer relations. Make sure you give the customer in front of you the attention he or she deserves. Don’t be sidetracked by what you think could be a more important sale as you could lose both sales in the end.


Working With Your Sales Staff


Does your sales staff have a good reason to sell? You may want to think about incentive programs. Sometimes offering your staff a trip or cash bonuses for those most successful in sales may be just the push they need. You could even share the profits across the board, encouraging your staff to upsell. Customers have to be persuaded of the benefits to them to have your sales staff upsell successfully. By having your staff sell products and/or services that are related to your line helps to snag you more profits. If your sales staff can convince the customer that what they’re selling is beneficial and convenient to the customer, they’ve made a sale. The best sales prospect could be one of your current customers.


Your Customers


Don’t forget your customers in the selling equation. If you have a sale or promotion coming up, let them in on it. Alert your staff so that they’re aware of the upcoming promotion, so they can tell their customers too. You can advertise, email your customers or give them a call. Also show a little favoritism. There should be a clear difference between regular customers and drop in customers. Show your regular customers you value them. You can offer extended credit or discounts. You can also think about offering a rewards programs. It can be something as simple as a discount on a customer’s birthday or a points system to earn various rewards. What about free product samples? By giving your customers free samples, they might like it and buy more. Or they may decide to pass it on to someone else who may like it, come in and buy from you. These little perks can help build customer loyalty so as to increase your sales.


Attracting new customers isn’t the only way to increase sales. By focusing on your current customers and by building customer loyalty, you will have repeat sales and increase profits.


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