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What happens when you have a job interview and you're already employed? Chances are, you have to take time off from your present job for the possibility of landing a better position. If your current supervisor finds out, you might have trouble explaining why you're sneaking off to find another job. Here are some tips to keep your interview on the down-low while you're still employed.

Schedule Your Interview

Let your prospective employer know the best time for a job interview in terms of your schedule. Let him know if there are certain times during the week when it's impossible for you to leave the office. The hiring manager or recruiter might consider your honesty to be a strong point, which may make you a more favorable job candidate.

Keep Things Quiet

When you tell your supervisor you need time off from work on short notice, it is better to give your boss as few details as possible. There are many ways you can approach this. Take a sick day or use some personal leave hours. The trick here is to not abuse the excuse-making. You do not want to burn your bridges at your old job, nor do you want your current work to suffer because you spend too much time searching for another job or attending job interviews.

Try Flex Time

Ask your supervisor if you can have a more flexible schedule. Flex time is getting more popular, and many employers embrace the fact that workers want a better work-life balance. Consider coming in an hour or two later and staying later in the day so you have time in the early morning for a job interview. Flexible scheduling could also mean working four days per week instead of five. This schedule gives you an entire day off to attend interviews.

Use Vacation Time

If you know your job interview time far enough into the future, take some vacation time. It does not even have to be a full day. Just schedule four hours of vacation time, and make sure someone can cover your shift. Vacation days are a bonus in that you get paid for your time away from work.

Ask About After Hours

Ask the hiring manager if he would consider having an interview after normal business hours. The worst the hiring manager can do is say "no." This scenario gets around having to come with excuses, using vacation time or using a sick day when you're still employed.

Plan for Wardrobe Changes

Obviously, you want to dress your best for an interview. What happens when you work in a business casual office? What if you have to dart out on your lunch break and drive across town? Keep your interview clothes in your vehicle, and change at a neutral location on the way there.

Attending job interviews is necessary if you want a chance to improve your career. Take precautions when scheduling interviews to ensure you don't burn any bridges at your current job.

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