Is It Time to Revise Your Six-Figure Resume?

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If you’re competing for a six-figure job, then you are certainly up against some of the very best candidates in your field. Every tool contained in your arsenal will be necessary to provide you with an edge—your resume being among the most important. If your resume hasn’t pulled in the results you’ve been hoping for, it may be time to make some revisions. Here are a few tips to ensure your six-figure resume is getting the job done.


Improve Your Branding Statement


Your branding statement is the first impression you’ll make on a hiring manager and, if written thoroughly, can provide amazing insights into your background, skills, accomplishments, performance, expectations, and overall vision.


Many professionals don’t realize that their branding statement—which is situated in the top one-third portion of a resume—is often the deciding factor in whether a manager will continue reading the rest of the resume. So if yours seems weak, or you are still relying on an objective statement, you’ll want to invest some real time into making improvements.


Connect Employer Needs With Your Values


In order to convince an employer that you’re the right candidate for a job, you have to prove two things: you recognize its needs for the role it’s offering, and you are a valuable candidate who can meet and surpass any goals the company has set.


The key to a successful six-figure resume is your commitment to intertwining the two concepts. By including professional experience, skills, and accomplishments, you can prove you have the background necessary to meet the company’s future agenda.


Share Key Figures and Obstacles


As you probably know, hiring managers are busy people with little time to make assumptions about your best qualifications. So it’s up to you to demonstrate—by incorporating key information and including facts and figures—that you have a history of starting in one place, excelling at it, and then advancing to the next.


Examples of questions to ask yourself as you revise your resume include: What percentage did you earn in year-over-year revenue for the company? How many people on your team surpassed expectations?


Also, it’s good to show that you faced obstacles during your career but came up with innovative ways to overcome them. These can be mentioned in your branding statement and in your accomplishment-driven bullet points listed under each position held.


Make Your Resume Readable


It may seem obvious that it’s important for your resume to be readable, but you’d be surprised by how many applicants submit resumes that are packed with dense paragraphs that are impossible to skim. Whenever possible, use bullet points to increase the amount of white space in your document. It will make a tremendous difference in whether a manager will be willing to read your resume.


At the six-figure level, there’s no doubt that other candidates are doing everything they can to prove they are better than everyone else applying for a job—including you. To ensure you don’t fall to the back of the pack, revise your resume as often as needed.



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