Is Taking a Temp Job a Smart Move?

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Hiring temporary workers benefits employers greatly, as it allows them to gather highly qualified employees for short-term projects without paying for healthcare, extensive training and other employee benefits. Temp jobs also benefit workers in countless ways. If you're actively seeking employment, examine these reasons why you should consider working with one or more temporary employment agencies.

Gain New Skills and Experience

Temp jobs give you the opportunity to develop marketable skills while gaining experience, which is extremely beneficial if you're a recent college graduate with a limited job history. While working temporary assignments, you're exposed to various types of machinery, databases, computer hardware and software programs. As you perform a multitude of tasks in your different job roles, you learn how various organizations operate and develop a more diverse skill set that can greatly enrich your resume.

Discover Networking Opportunities

Temping gives you the opportunity to connect with others in your job field. In several cases, temps work alongside individuals who have a long history with the organization and can provide valuable insight about the company and industry. Don't be afraid to ask questions or inquire about certain departments. Maintain a polite and professional attitude, and make attempts to develop a good relationship with everyone you meet. This gives you direct connections within the industry and provides you a list of individuals you can call on if you need a reference or recommendation letter.

Enjoy Flexibility

Temporary agencies offer all types of temp jobs, from 40-hour-per-week day jobs to flexible and seasonal positions. Most temporary companies offer full-time day positions, but you have the freedom to take some time off once your assignment ends. If you're actively looking for work and need to have your days free, let the agency know to ensure recruiters find something that meets your needs.

Earn Money

You don't want to appear desperate while interviewing for permanent positions, as this can turn off employers. Being completely broke can also impact your drive and overall mood. It is important to have some type of income while seeking permanent employment, and temp jobs are great for this. Many temp agencies pay weekly, and if you already have marketable skills, you can expect to earn quite a bit more than minimum wage.

Receive Permanent Job Offer

It is very common for employers to hire temporary workers. In fact, numerous temporary agencies have "temp-to-hire" positions, which employers often use to gauge the skills and talents of temp workers before deciding to hire them full time. There's a great chance that your temporary position can lead to a permanent job, so always put your best foot forward and find ways to stand out from other candidates. Keep your cover letter and resume with you all the time, since you never know when a hiring manager might approach you about a permanent job opportunity.

If you're struggling to find permanent employment, need to enhance your resume or want to connect with others in your industry, working for a temporary employment agency is a smart choice. Temp jobs might not offer the typical benefits you receive with a permanent job offer, but the benefits temping provides can make you a more skilled employee and a much stronger job candidate.

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