Items to Consider When Hiring New Accounting Grads

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Many hiring managers are turning to experienced accounting team members and managers to join in the discussion when it comes time to hire new accountants. Accounting graduates comprise a large part of the modern hiring pool, and understanding how to screen new graduates can greatly help ensure that you get the right fit for your team and business. Accounting graduates often bring different perspectives, life experiences, and skillsets to the group. You may find that what they lack in experience, they make up for in other areas.


Human resources personnel and hiring mangers familiar with accounting hiring often consider experience as one of the major factors in their hiring decisions. Many managers feel that those just completing their coursework are unprepared for immediate work. New accounting graduates may not have practical experience in the field, and you should consider alternative experience, such as volunteer work or previous employment in related fields when going over resumes. Knowledge of current market specifics and conditions may also lend additional credence to a candidate's application.


Many professionals who have dealt with accounting hiring in the past may have ulterior reasons for bringing you in on the selection process. Teamwork and interpersonal skills are paramount in larger accounting operations, and it can greatly help to screen accounting graduates for the attitudes and communication skills that will allow them to excel within your team's current culture. Communication skills are a major component of many common accounting practices. New hires need to be able to not only work with accounting team members but also with the myriad of managers and department heads who may supply auditors and accountants with important data.


Technological advances emerge constantly in the accounting world. New accounting graduates are likely to be versed in the latest software, and they may even be valuable resources for veterans on the team when it comes to technological adoption. The constant upgrades in methodologies and software mean that an accounting team that remains on the cutting edge may be able to supply the business or its clients with even faster or more efficient results tailored to their needs. When working as part of a hiring team, it's important to consider both the skill level and education of accounting graduates with new and emerging technologies and methods.


Many important factors to consider exist when hiring a new accountant. Recent graduates may accept lower salaries due to the need to learn on the job, but your primary consideration should be to ensure that they have the background and skills necessary to succeed. Many new hires lack practical experience, but ensuring a good fit with team culture and an understanding of the technological and communication skills required for the job can make a big difference. A solid team can help accounting graduates wet their feet and learn quickly, and it is important to screen for the best possible candidates during the initial hiring process.


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