Leverage Job Descriptions to Create Your Resume

Nancy Anderson
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Job descriptions often have meaty tidbits you can use when writing your resume. Read through each posting carefully and select the bullet points you want to address in your resume. For illustration purposes, below are mock job-description bullet points along with accomplishment statements that speak to each bullet point. Example #1 • Job description bullet point: Build new business • Matching accomplishment: Increased customer base 45% and grew territory 10% through the execution of aggressive new business development initiatives. Example #2 • Job description bullet point: Ensure safety standards • Matching accomplishment: Cut OSHA citations 38% by revamping the department's outdated Standard Operating Procedure manual. Example #3 • Job description bullet point: Strong written communication skills • Matching accomplishment: Created and delivered a high-impact presentation to a group of 500. Example #4 • Job description bullet point: Solid project management skills • Matching accomplishment: Delivered multi-million dollar project on time and within specified requirements. Example #5 • Job description bullet point: Possess strong organizational and follow-through skills • Matching accomplishment: Serve as the right-hand person to the director of the company?flawlessly coordinated travel itinerary, scheduled meetings, and screened telephone calls. As you can see, job postings can serve as a resume blueprint. So if you are unsure of what accomplishments to highlight, use the information in the ads to pinpoint which accomplishments are the most important and relevant to the open position. If you are unable to find good job descriptions, focus your resume on several of the duties you performed and their impact on the company. For example, showcase your ability to run your department effectively by writing, "Improved operations and productivity 65% by instilling a culture of accountability." You can also demonstrate pride in your work by writing, "Recognized as the department's ‘go to’ person.” About the Author Linda Matias is a Nationally Certified Resume Writer who heads CareerStrides.com

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  • Scott A
    Scott A
    Article 'Leverage Job Descriptions to Create Your Resume'.  Nice, this is a good compilation of examples...I have extensive and broad IT experience (I've worked in 27 years in small environments and was usually an uncertified jack-of-all-trades) and have trouble relating verbally/powerfully my duties...I would have liked to see a more extensive list so I could better understand how I can relate my accomplishments...maybe this list would best be provided in a webpage link.
  • Paul B
    Paul B
    Hi I feel as though my resume is not worth updating. I am 60 years old and have worked a manufacturing job for 32 years. I don't have a degree, but I have life experiences. I have pastored for 28 years. I don't know what I can do. I have been discontinued from the church because of the ordination process I did not complete. Is there any hope for recovery?

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