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With so much pressure to land a job surrounded by tough competition, many job seekers are wondering if they should pad their resumes to get ahead. Consider a number of reasons why lying on your resume is a bad idea before you decide to fabricate your information.

To Uphold Your Integrity

If you manage to land the job and your new employer fails to check your resume for accuracy, you should tell the truth to uphold your integrity. Being a trustworthy job candidate can help you to retain high morality and good character both on and off the clock. If you are ever found out, you dishonesty can lead you to develop a bad reputation in your industry, and even sully your chances at a great career.

You Never Know Who Checks

Some employers may check your resume right away, but others may not bother to do so. Current studies suggest that nearly 75 percent of employers will perform some kind of background check. The problem is, you never know which employers will bother to check your resume to see if you lied about anything and which ones may not.

To Avoid On-The-Clock Incompetence

If you lie about your education skills to get a job, you may find yourself incompetent at the worst time. A little fib about your skills and capabilities can be revealed if you fail to perform up to standard. In addition, you could place yourself and other people in danger under the right circumstances if you lack training and knowledge of proper procedures. If your boss discovers that you lack the skills needed to function in your position, you can get fired as quickly as you got hired. Aim to develop your skills and gain the necessary qualifications to work in the position you are seeking, even if the employer does not check your resume.

An Employer Could Find out Later

Even if you manage to sail through the interview process with a lie on your resume, there is no guarantee your employer won't check your resume for validity later on. It may take a few days, weeks, months or even a few years for a company to find out in some cases.You could be very comfortable and accomplished in your position, and then have it all revoked because you lied.

You are Good Enough to Get Hired

There is no need to pad your resume if you realize you are good enough to get any job you seek. Study the job description and consider all of the relevant skills and experience you possess that makes you an ideal candidate for the role. Expressing with confidence the best aspects of yourself is key to making a good impression on your resume with the truth. If it is certain skills or a lack of education blocking your path, pursue a degree or take training classes to rise up to speed. If you apply for positions you are qualified for and highlight your value as a potential worker, you can land the job successfully.

Even if an employer does not check your resume, you must still avoid exaggerating the truth at all costs. Choose to be honest, and display your true skills, talents and knowledge on your resume to earn and keep the job you deserve.


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