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On the job, others' perceptions of you matter, since the way you come across to managers, colleagues and subordinates directly impacts your ability to advance your career. One way to ensure your work associates perceive you positively is to maintain a great work attitude. Your behavior directly influences how others view you, so follow these three tips to ensure you always present yourself in the most positive and professional light possible.

1. Avoid Troublemakers

Your interactions with others have a direct impact on your mood, so stay clear of co-workers who constantly complain about colleagues, management, excessive workloads or company policies. Fight the urge to engage in or even listen to juicy gossip or office drama. Management staff and other decision-makers generally know who the troublemakers are around the office. If you casually associate with them on a regular basis, higher-ups might start to perceive you negatively. Only associate with those who are generally pleasant in nature, and don't feel bad about walking away from a conversation that starts off positive but turns negative.

2. Mind Your Appearance

It's difficult to maintain a positive work attitude with unkempt hair, frumpy clothing or tattered shoes. How you look has a direct impact on how you feel and come across to others, so make sure your hair is neatly groomed and your clothing is neat and smells fresh to ensure you feel confident all day long. Keep your fingernails neat and trim, and avoid smoking or chewing gum in professional settings, as these habits might cause some people to view you in a negative light.

How you look also reflects on the company, and you don't want to lose important clients or turn customers off due to a poor appearance. Be mindful of your body language as well, as folding your arms or turning your head away during conversations makes you appear disinterested and might make others think you have a poor work attitude.

3. Do a Great Job

Nothing enhances others' perception of you in the workplace more than your work ethic and overall job performance. Gain a reputation as someone who puts his best foot forward each day and maintains a positive work attitude, even during challenging moments. Surround yourself with those who are making great strides within the organization, and learn as much as possible from them. Go above and beyond for customers and clients to ensure they also have a great perception of you.

Don't let a poor work attitude ruin your chances of climbing the corporate ladder. Pay close attention to your body language, facial expressions and tone of voice when interacting with others, and do your best to avoid negative people and situations to ensure everyone always perceives you as a hardworking, upbeat person who does a great job and has a positive work attitude.

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