Physicians Key to Attracting Healthcare Jobs

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Amidst the tumult of layoffs and joblessness in today's economy, there is one bright spot—healthcare is hiring. But only if a community can attract and keep physicians in a community.

The American Hospital Association, the American Academy of Family Physicians and state medical societies recently conducted studies that show the cumulative effect physicians can have on a local economy.

In one Oregon study, statistical modeling was used to reveal that a single physician directly or indirectly supports 12 to 48 positions. Moreover, physician practices support about 11% of the state's labor market, or 242,084 jobs. These jobs take into account people who would be directly employed by a new practice and the staff a hospital or pharmacy would hire when a physician joins a community. (One must also consider the new jobs created as these physicians and staffers spend money in their local economies.)

The Oregon study revealed that physician offices pumped $17.1 billion into the state's gross domestic product. Physician-related jobs contributed $1.5 billion in taxes to state and local governments. Something state and local lawmakers should consider when crafting legislation to attract medical practitioners.

A similar report released by the Florida Medical Association revealed that a single physician brought in nearly 19 jobs and $2.3 million in economic activity.

In general, the impacts of health system reform, the end of month-to-month Medicare payment fixes, and new physicians completing their residencies have prompted health care facilities to add positions. This bodes well for physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and other health care professionals.

See full details of The Economic Contribution of Oregon's Physician Practices from the Oregon Healthcare Workforce Institute.

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