Project Managers In Hot Demand

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If searches of job Web sites provide a peek inside the brains of hiring bosses, then project managers are top of mind. As companies push ahead with new IT projects, as well as wipe the dust off projects put on the back burner, the hunt for project managers is on, according to a new report by, a company that operates a Web marketplace that helps employers connect with talent sources, such as staffing firms. Analysis of 1.2 million searches on the HotGigs site during the fourth quarter indicates that project managers were the most sought-after tech talent, accounting for 15% of the searches. Employers are particularly interested in project managers who have experience in program management, infrastructure project management, and change management, and especially individuals who have experience managing teams of 15 or more people. "There's a backlog of projects that had a soft start awhile ago but were put on hold or are starting over now, as well as new projects that are starting from scratch," says Doug Berg, CEO and founder of HotGigs and a former IT project manager. Managers are being sought to oversee a variety of projects, including network infrastructure, network security and architecture, Web development--especially involving JavaScript and .Net--and ERP deployments based on SAP, Oracle, and PeopleSoft software, he says. Pay for contract project managers is on an upswing, with rates nationally averaging about $137 an hour, and ranging from $100 to $175 per hour, Berg says. While companies frequently choose project managers from their existing staff, the top reason many organizations give for wanting to contract project managers is a lack of internal resources or experience, he says. While some employers prefer hiring project managers who have certifications from professional organizations such as the Project Management Institute, other companies are more focused on finding people who have a track record of overseeing previous projects successfully, regardless of certification.


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