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The next time you attend an interview, try to think of the process as a two-way event, rather than a one-sided quiz. Most employers encourage job applicants to ask interview questions as well as answer them. The conversational nature of an effective interview can help an employer learn about you as a potential employee. In turn, you can learn all about your prospective employer.

As you formulate interview questions, try to keep them open-ended and make them as company-specific as possible. Most of the time, if you assert yourself as an attentive, engaging and useful person, you are more likely to get hired. In simple terms, if you express an interest in your potential employer, it is more likely to express an interest in you.

If you ask the right interview questions, you can find out a little more about the company culture, which gives you a better idea of your possible role in its structure. You can also use your queries to determine if you actually want to become a part of the company or if it would be better to continue looking for other opportunities. Consider the industry in general as well as the unique aspects of the specific company that is interviewing you to set the tone for the interview questions you plan to ask.

With all that said, here are some good interview questions to modify for your next interview:

"What type of training can I access as a part of your team?" This question shows that you are willing to learn about and progress within the company.

"What are some of the most interesting challenges I could face in this role?" This demonstrates that you are curious, positive and excited about personal growth.

"What types of resources would I have access to?" This indicates that you're the kind of responsible person who likes to know what you have at your disposal so that you get prepared for your role in advance.

"Will there be any significant changes within the company in the near future?" This question is a strong signal that you want to remain with the firm for the long haul and are looking for possible opportunities to advance.

"How will you assess my performance in this role?" By asking this question, you are showing that you want to impress your bosses and plan to tailor your work to meet its needs.

As you prepare for your interview, try to research as much as you can about the company you are visiting. Prior knowledge about your possible employer demonstrates your enthusiasm and can make a very good first impression. The right interview questions can also lead to a genuinely illuminating conversation during the interview, so you can understand the company culture and make yourself stand out as a candidate.


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