Raise Employee Morale With These Unique Methods

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Low employee morale can drain energy from your workforce, leading to poor performance, teamwork and customer service. Employees thrive in a cooperative environment with fulfilling work, but they often need outlets for relieving stress and recharging their minds. Show workers that they're the backbone of your organization with these creative methods for boosting employee morale.

1. Promote Social Responsibility

If employees are passionate about social causes, grant them time to pursue volunteer projects. Giving back to the community can help employees stay upbeat and engaged, but the obligations of work and family may make it difficult to spend time volunteering. Offer paid volunteer hours every week or month, or organize projects to work on as a team. In both models, employees get the opportunity to do meaningful work while building a positive representation of the company.

2. Stoke Their Appetites

Feasting and merriment go hand in hand because great food is a natural mood booster. Improve employee morale by hosting catered lunches or mini food fairs. When space is limited, arrange for departments that interact infrequently to dine at the same time, enabling employees to socialize with co-workers they don't see regularly. If your company is filled with amateur chefs and bakers, turn the food fair into a competition with prizes for the tastiest side dishes, most creative desserts or best vegan entrees.

3. Support Passion Projects

Passion projects inspire creativity and allow employees to mentally unwind by focusing on topics they enjoy. Personal projects can also become a source of innovative business ideas, helping your staff think of new ways to approach their work. Provide a weekly hour of free time for personal projects, and invite workers to share their progress in a monthly show and tell. Learning about the skills and interests of the workforce is a great way to raise employee morale and build team bonds while recognizing individual staff members for their achievements.

4. Gamify Company Goals

Friendly competition is a strong motivator for employees who can't resist a challenge, but you don't want to overlook workers who normally shy away from group events. Create game-inspired challenges that reward high performance while allowing workers of all personality types and skill levels to shine. For example, offer bonuses for employees who earn the most positive feedback from clients or successfully win back old customers. Prepare for a new release by asking every worker to submit a creative idea surrounding the product or service, such as a funny marketing campaign or a resourceful use for the product.

5. Host Stress-Relieving Activities

Show interest in the mental and physical well-being of your workforce by organizing activities that relieve anxiety. Set up massage stations in an empty conference room, and allow employees to enjoy quick sessions with a professional masseuse. Another option is to hire a yoga or tai chi instructor a few times a month. Employee morale can plummet when workers get stuck in a cycle of long hours and no breaks, so encourage your staff to make physical activity or meditation part of their routines.

Efforts to increase employee morale can backfire when managers don't understand the priorities of the workforce. Whether your employees are committed to social responsibility or love companywide competitions, choose activities that make them feel supported and appreciated.

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  • CL S.
    CL S.

    Definitely. Even just one low morale or unhappy employee can hurt teamwork cohesive force. A happy environment is always good for the soul and happy people produce better work.

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