Resume Cover Letter--Creating A Powerful P.S. Section

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It's like some strange, uncontrollable addiction. With any letter, whether it's sales, personal, or a resume cover letter, seems like we can't help but shoot straight to that P.S. section and just gobble it up, word for word. With over 15 years of copy-writing experience, this is something I discovered from writing sales letters—what a powerful draw the P.S. section can be. I think it’s safe to say that sometimes, it draws even more attention than the headline. Now just imagine this powerful, irresistible P.S. section at the bottom of your resume cover letter. Here are four of the most strategic ways you can use a P.S. on your cover letter: Resume Cover Letter P.S. #1—Mention your availability for the interview, and what you’d like to offer Doing this shows that you're greatly enthusiastic about this position—it also shows that your mind is already focused on what you can achieve for their company. P.S. “If you’d like to discuss the ideas I have for consistently delivering a grade-A, memorable level of customer service, I’m available for an earlier interview. You can reach me at (323) 294-xxxx. I'll look forward to hearing from you.” Resume Cover Letter P.S. #2—Restate a benefit about yourself, or better yet, mention a whole new one Make it something that you'd like to sear into the mind of your potential employer. Don't forget, it'll be the last thing on your resume cover letter this person reads, so make it something great! P.S. “I've earned HG School's Teacher of the Year award twice, for my creativity, dedication to my students and commitment to fostering greater learning. I'm anxious to bring these attributes to you at Alton School.” Resume Cover Letter P.S. #3—Use a quote/testimonial Like the P.S., quotes/testimonials have always been one of the strongest marketing strategies ever used. That another employer is actually willing to speak on your behalf only says great things about you. P.S. My supervisor said, "Nola isn't afraid to solve problems, and whatever answers she doesn't have, she'll conduct the necessary research, and will ask questions. In other words, she always works harder than what's asked of her." Resume Cover Letter P.S. #4—Mention something that recently happened involving the company Keeping up with company developments shows that you have a genuine interest & a true desire to work there. You can follow a company through LinkedIn…also, if you can, check out the company's website. You might learn a few things--information about a new product, a new partnership, or a new problem they're facing. P.S. “Congratulations on your 17% increase in sales to overseas clients. With my 8 years of experience in international marketing, I'd love to not only help maintain this increase, but to help raise it to an even higher percentage.” So why not try it? Use that jewel of a P.S. section on your resume cover letter to say what you'd like your potential employer to remember most.

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  • Junior J
    Junior J
    Excellent strategy, which helps to create recognition of the applicant in the mind of the potential employer.
  • Leslie G
    Leslie G
    For the first time I included a PS in a cover letter.  I actually felt very good about what it said and meant. I got a response the next day to set up an interview. It sure didn't hurt as I thought a PS might have in the past. Thanks for the article.
  • Samer alkolak
    Samer alkolak
    Great hints to guide me and others.  Thanks

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