Seven Important Resume Updates

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The correct way to write a resume changes regularly. If you haven't made any resume updates recently, then you could be losing out on interviews. Try using these resume updates to modernize your resume and give your job search a boost.

1. Contact Details

It's essential to include contact details at the top of a resume. Include your name, phone number and email address. A physical address is no longer required, but it's a good idea to list your city and state to show that you're a local candidate. Don't include details such as race, nationality or date of birth in this section; employers aren't allowed to hire based on race or age, so it's best to leave this information out when you write a resume.

2. Objective Statement

Resume experts used to advise that you include an objective statement, but this is no longer recommended. Delete the objective statement, but remember to include any key information from this section in the rest of your resume updates.

3. Skills

Skills-based resumes are very popular these days. Start your resume with a bullet-point list of your key skills. This is one of the most important resume updates, as it quickly communicates to an employer that you have the necessary skills to do the job.

4. Experience

Next, list your experiences, starting with the most recent position you held. List job titles and company names for every position. You don't need to include exact employment dates; the month and year are good enough.

5. Special Skills

Every modern resume should include a section devoted to your special skills. These include experience with particular software packages and programming languages, as well as the human languages that you know. Include your level of fluency in each case.

6. Education

Your education should always go at the bottom of your resume, even if you graduated recently. Conforming to this standard format allows employers to quickly find your education information and shows that you understand the latest job search trends. If you are still in school, include your expected graduation date. Always include your major if you have a college degree.

7. Resume Length

A modern resume should be no more than two pages and, ideally, should fit into a single side. If making the above resume updates has taken your resume far over the standard length, edit it down by removing irrelevant information, discarding excessive verbosity and using shorter ways of presenting information, such as bullet points.

Resume updates can bring your old resume into the 21st century and help you get more interviews. Set aside time to regularly update your resume to make sure that the information it contains is always up-to-date and relevant.

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