Six Behaviors that You Should Never Engage in at Work

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As you may know, workplace etiquette is extremely important if you want to move up in your career. Workplace etiquette, itself, involves maintaining a certain code of behavior that is specific to your workplace. As workplace etiquette differs from company to company – and even more so between companies that are located in different countries, it is vital to understand the code that is specific to your workplace or the workplace that you conduct business with. That said, within North America, there are certain types of behavior that are considered to be unacceptable in workplaces – for instance, you should not engage in the following behaviors:

#1 - Calling in Sick to Your Workplace When you are Healthy:

As you may realize, it is wrong to call in sick if you just want to spend the day lounging at beach for instance. Since you are not present at work, other people that may depend on you may suffer.

#2 - Going to Work Even Though You Are Ill

If you have an illness that is contagious, you are not doing anyone any favors by showing up to work ill. You will only make your coworkers and superiors ill and cause more problems in turn. Thus, it makes complete sense to stay at home and recuperate when you have a contagious illness.

#3 - Engaging in Gossip

Engaging in gossip at the workplace is simply wrong – whether or not the gossip in question is true. Gossip simply does not foster a positive work environment and instead creates a toxic workplace.

#4 - Blaming a Coworker for Your Mistake

This type of behavior is extremely immature and dishonest. Further, when it is discovered that you lied about the scenario, this situation can further damage your reputation.

#5 - Stealing any Type of Supplies from Your Company

Taking supplies that belong to your company is simply not right in principle. Moreover, if you are caught stealing these products, it could spell trouble for you – including a loss of a job.

#6 - Wasting Considerable Amounts of Time at Work

Spending a considerable amount of time surfing the internet when you are at work is not right. After all, you are getting paid to complete a certain job at work.

To conclude then, if you would like to have a successful career, it is best to definitely steer away from these types of behaviors.

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Larisa Redins is a full time writer and editor with degrees in both Arts and Biological Science. She writes about career issues and other topics for a variety of international websites, magazines, and businesses.

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