Smart Questions to Ask in The Job Interview

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Congrats! You passed the first step of successfully applying for a job and you’ve been called in for an interview. You do your best to learn how to pass the interview with top marks so that you land the job.

Amidst all the other questions asked in an interview, “Do you have any questions for me?” is one of the most important questions you're asked. Depending on how you answer, the employer can decide whether or not to hire you based on how much interest you show in the job and how much initiative you take to ask thoughtful questions. 

Asking questions is a great way to learn about the company culture and is also a great way to assess if the job is the right fit for you. Speaking up in a job interview can only help you. It gives you, the job seeker, the opportunity to highlight some of your best qualities that you can bring to the company as well as show why you would be the best candidate for the job. 

Not having any questions can come off as being unprepared and uninterested, which is why making a list of questions beforehand to ask the employer is a necessary step to take in any hiring process.

Before coming to the interview, research the company, study the job description and focus your questions on the company as well as the requirements for the position you are seeking. While there are many questions to ask in a job interview, some are better than others. Avoid asking questions like how long your lunch break will be, or how much money you’ll make in an hour. Instead of asking what the company can do for you, make an effort to ask more personalized questions about the responsibilities of the position you applied for and what collaboration might look like within the team. Among all other important questions, some of the most important ones are as listed below. 

1. What would a typical day in this role look like for me?
Asking your future employer what a typical day in your role would look like is a great question because it highlights your interest in learning the position. The question goes both ways, because the answer given also prepares you for what to expect if you are hired. 

2. What opportunities are there for career development in this role?
Asking the interviewer this question lets them know you’re seriously interested in joining the company and you’re willing to invest your time. In any sort of work field, people typically start from the bottom and work their way up to higher positions over time. Asking this question can help you decide whether or not you want to stay with the company and work your way up to higher positions over time. 

3. What is the biggest challenge the team has faced in the past year and how did you solve it?
Asking this question can provide you with a lot of necessary information about the company. It gives insight on how the team might struggle as a whole and informs you on what kinds of problems to expect. It also lets you know whether or not the company is capable of working together to overcome issues. If the company fails to work together to solve problems, you might want to consider working somewhere else.

4. Why did you decide to work at this company?
Asking this question gives the interviewer a chance to talk about themselves and open up, establishing rapport between you and them. It also gives you insight on what motivated them to join the company. This can provide you with information on the various things the company might offer its employees and helps you to decide whether or not you want to join the team. 


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  • Assumpta B.
    Assumpta B.

    Great information,thanks for sharing

  • Eduvijes R.
    Eduvijes R.

    This is a great information for me. Brushing up again for interview is nerve wracking for me as a senior but with this I was happy to gain confidence and learned a new thing again. Thank you very much for sharing.

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