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The job search can be challenging if you find yourself without any direction. Keep yourself focused and put your professionalism on display to enhance your career opportunities. Set yourself apart from other applicants with these five tips that can help get your application materials on the top of the pile.

1. Think Outside of the Box

Spend time during your job search brainstorming what makes you unique as a potential employee. Show off these professional traits when writing your cover letter and crafting your resume. Do you have an innovative approach to management or leadership? Outline these strategies when applying for an executive position. Do you deem yourself as the ultimate team player? Communicate specific examples of how you have worked well with teams in previous positions when preparing application materials.

2. Write a Creative Cover Letter

Make your skills and experience irresistible to hiring managers by writing an introductory letter that is memorable. Craft an opening statement that captures interest. Highlight not only your professional accomplishments but what fuels your motivation and drive to see projects through until the end. Include information about your hard and soft skills. Hard skills should detail your experience with equipment, hardware or software used within your industry, whereas soft skills should highlight personality traits you possess to succeed, such as dependability, passion and eagerness to enhance relationships with customers.

3. Put Experience in the Limelight

Focus your experience on positions that are related to the position you are seeking when preparing application materials during your job search. List jobs that are similar and within the industry. If you are changing careers, brainstorm experience that spotlights transferable skills that can be utilized in a new position.

4. Customize Your Resume

Avoid submitting the same resume to each company during your job search. Customize your resume so that it outlines your experience and skills that are in line with what the company is seeking. Analyze the job description to find keywords you can include in your resume and application materials. Outline an objective that represents the mission of the business to show that your goals are similar.

5. Proofread, Proofread, Proofread

Thoroughly proofread all application materials before hitting the send button. Application materials riddled with grammar, punctuation or spelling errors are bound to land in the trash. These errors can also damage your credibility as a professional. Hiring managers often assume that if you did not take the time during your job search to proofread, then you are likely to make errors when on the job.

Hiring managers are seeking applicants who can efficiently display their skills and experience in a professional manner. Show that you are the ideal applicant with application materials that are impressive.

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