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A protracted job search can sabotage your self-worth and make you doubt your professional abilities. When unemployment starts to get you down, simple routine shifts can help you stay motivated and productive.

Step Away From the Computer

When you're unemployed, it can be tempting to spend every waking hour browsing through online job boards. If you frequently spend more than eight hours per day staring at a screen, stay motivated by creating a healthier schedule. Limit your job-hunting activities to business hours. During the rest of the day, do things that you're excited about: exercise, spend time with family or pursue new activities. A balanced approach prevents burnout and enables you to return to the search feeling refreshed.

Change Negative Thought Patterns

A slew of rejections can give you a negative, pessimistic outlook. Stay motivated by actively cultivating a positive mindset. At the end of each day, look back on your accomplishments and take a moment of self-recognition. When something encouraging happens, pause to revel in the feeling. Most importantly, actively replace negative thoughts with positive alternatives. If you find yourself thinking, "I'm never going to find a job," stop what you're doing and say, "A great job is worth waiting for."

Find a Cheerleader

If you're questioning your abilities, find a close friend or family member to be your cheerleader. Ask that person to help you stay motivated by sending positive email reminders, texting to check in or forcing you to attend networking events. The person might remind you of past accomplishments or encourage you to maintain professional skills while you're out of work. This external motivation can snap you out of a funk and make it easier to push on.

Try Something New

Part of the struggle of a job search is its monotony. If the prospect of submitting another resume fills you with dread, it's time to try something new. Choose any event that puts you in contact with other professionals, such as local small business association meetings, a friend's office happy hour or a nonprofit's weekend cleanup day. If you live near a college or university, go to their next career fair. Look for local organizations such as young professionals' groups and business development centers, and attend informational sessions or seminars. Exposing yourself to other professionals opens you up to potentially fruitful opportunities, and the change of pace can help you stay motivated.

Establish a Morning Routine

The things you do in the morning set a pattern for the rest of the day. Set yourself up for success by creating a productive morning routine. Make a to-do list, and schedule out your first two hours. Then, grab a cup of coffee and power through your designated tasks. This process creates a daily sense of accomplishment — an essential component of motivation.

Although a long job hunt is not an ideal challenge, it's one that you can overcome with patience and persistence. By embracing a positive, proactive approach, you can stay motivated and maintain your sanity.

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  • Pradip  J.
    Pradip J.

    Once Bitten twice Shy. If you don't kick your Self and make the Worth while Effort; Others Will definitely Start Kicking ! ! You.

  • Caitlin H.
    Caitlin H.

    thank you Nancy for all your encouraging advise

  • Kathleen K.
    Kathleen K.

    Thanks you gave me a new perspective

  • Sherry D.
    Sherry D.

    Thank you Nancy, great information, I felt like this article was written for me :)

  • mark g.
    mark g.

    Great comments. Have to work at getting a position. It's your career until you become re-employed.

  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    Thanks for the comments. @Edgar F. it can be trying working with a recruiter. But they usually do get the plum positions first - even before they are posted anywhere. If your recruiter isn't giving you what you need, dump him and find another one. As you move on to another recruiter, make sure to let this guy's boss know why you are moving to another recruiter. Hard to imagine why he wouldn't return your calls since most recruiters get paid a commission and only when they "make a sale" - as in get a job seeker hired. To answer your question, there is no set time. Some people wait several years before finding the perfect job. If you have monetary concerns (who doesn't?!), you might want to consider hiring on as a temp while you continue searching for that perfect job. All the best.

  • Linda H.
    Linda H.

    Good information

  • Edgar F.
    Edgar F.

    My current problem is recruiting agencies not keeping up with employers if and when a job interview can be scheduled.Also,when you submit a resume to a job agency about a job availability they usually don't get back to you as quickly as possible to the point that the job position has already been filled and I've never got a chance for an interview.Also,I've been told by a recruiter that as soon as something comes up that matches my criteria,he'll give me a call and even told me to call him and touch base with him for any availability but haven't heard from him in awhile and hasn't returned my phone calls either.Sometimes it's hard not to think about that if I'll ever get a job but I try to stay positive but how long can this take?

  • Scott T.
    Scott T.

    Thank you!

  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    Thanks for the comments. @Erin J. a conditional offer is contingent on them clearing you in a background check as well as contacting your references. That is usually what it means when it's a conditional offer. If your background check comes back clean and your references all say glowing things about you, the conditions will have been met. Are you getting notice of a conditional offer? Follow up and ask them what they need from you. Then get your references or anything else they ask for to them and follow up again.

  • Faizel O.
    Faizel O.

    Awesome advice

  • Erin J.
    Erin J.

    My problem lies between the conditional offer and then I am told they are waiting on _? No one will explain what that is. I have been searching steady for 10 months and I have squat.

  • wayne m.
    wayne m.

    All very good tips

  • naomi a.
    naomi a.

    Wow! Love this and totally needed to hear it! Thanks!!!!

  • Lisa M.
    Lisa M.

    Thanks I really needed to hear my self worth as a great catch to employers has come down to maybe they hire me at McDonalds? But then what if they won't? Can't stand that much rejection! Lol

  • Eric B.
    Eric B.

    Absolutely correct.

  • Johann M.
    Johann M.

    it is a very good advice!! Thanks

  • KAREN C.
    KAREN C.

    This is helpful, thank you!

  • Marsha P.
    Marsha P.

    I know I wish that the online services would really pay us

  • Dan Glass
    Dan Glass

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