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Employees who are happy at work usually produce more, get sick less and stay with their jobs longer. All of these facets can lead to increases in revenue for companies that foster the emotional well-being of workers. Here are some ways you can maintain your happiness levels at work thanks to a science-based app called Happify.

Hold a Job That Means Something

When your goals align with the company's goals, your employment is more meaningful. You remain happy at work because your contribution to the firm's mission edifies your own professional life.

Think About Positives

Always remember what you love most about your job, even during rough times. Do you enjoy meeting new people? Do you love the overtime pay? What about bringing success to your team? Keep in mind what you love about your job, and you may reduce your absenteeism rate by 75 percent.

Help Others

Helping other people, whether you assist co-workers or customers, keeps you happy at work. Think about how your everyday duties and tasks can make other people happy. As an example, if you process customer orders, then you help make someone's day by getting products into the client's hands faster.

Eat Lunch Elsewhere

Instead of working through your lunch break at your cubicle as you gulp down a sandwich, take your lunch outdoors to the patio or the elevator lobby. A change of scenery during the day can lighten your mood and improve your emotional well-being.

Learn Something New Everyday

You don't have to take a class on quantum physics to try to make yourself happy at work. Simply learn something new everyday — this can be a new word, a new way to answer the phone or a new course that helps further your career. Mastering a skill can lead to better career opportunities later in life.

Take a Break Every 90 Minutes

Employees who take breaks every 90 minutes focus more, think more creatively and have higher levels of overall health versus workers who don't. When you're happy at work because of regular breaks, you tend to stay with the job longer rather than seeking employment elsewhere.


Surveys and statistics seem to back up how much employees love their jobs. The Society for Human Resource Management surveyed 517 people in 2015, and 88 percent of respondents said they were either "very satisfied" or "somewhat satisfied" with their jobs. The SHRM determined the improved global economy was a major factor as to why people seem to derive happiness at work.

Businesses can take a few steps to ensure employer happiness. Managers can vary the tasks of employees to enrich their minds. Collaboration with supervisors and other workers also increases worker engagement. Sharing work-related news fosters a better sense of community within a company.

Employees who are happy at work are better for the company as a whole. Therefore, it behooves companies and staff to work together to make everyone feel better at the office.

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