Successful Managers Know How to Hire the Best People

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Many companies use computer software, keyword searches and cloud computing tools to weed out prospective employees before a resume even lands on the desk of a hiring manager. Even the best candidates may have to go through a recruiter first before getting to the actual company that hires the person.

Brian de Haaff, CEO of Aha, relates how a hiring manager can put the "human" back in human resources when it comes to choosing the best candidates for a company. A company's top person in charge of filling vacancies should become involved in the hiring process as early as possible, especially for very important positions that could affect the profitability or visibility of the firm. Contemporary job searches run counterintuitive to this hands-on approach with so much technology to vet potential employees. Software narrows candidates from several hundred to just a handful with relative ease. However, once the final few choices become apparent, it becomes time for the HR manager to step into the process.

A hiring manager should communicate directly with potential employees once the HR professional becomes involved in the search. Instead of emails back and forth through varied channels, or communications through a recruiter, an HR professional may call to inform candidates of major steps. Human resources can exchange emails directly rather than go through third parties.

Candidates respond promptly to inquiries to show they have a vested interest in the company. Likewise, a hiring manager needs to respond quickly when a top candidate emerges. The reason is that the best hires may jump to another company that acts more quickly. An HR manager should proactively seek the best person for the job as soon as possible because it saves time and resources later.

Once a potential employee earns a job interview, a hiring manager could show more transparency with respect to a job description. Even the best descriptions fail to capture exactly what the job entails. When HR departments tell the truth about what to expect from an employee, this honesty may avoid a new hire leaving within a few months. Candidates must be honest throughout the process, and human resources should act the same way. If a new employee fails to meet expectations because the job was not what he expects, the fault may lie with a lack of honesty in the hiring process.

Hiring pros do several things to irritate potential employees, which may also turn off the best people. The lead interviewer should follow up promptly, usually within 24 hours, regarding the next step of the process after an interview. Bosses and managers should refrain from asking irrelevant questions during an interview.

A hiring manager represents a very busy person at a company. Even so, this person must take a more active, personal stance with important candidates. Otherwise, the manage may have to start the hiring process all over again in a month.

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