Taking a Vacation Without the Office Falling Apart

Julie Shenkman
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If you are planning to take a vacation from work, you need to prepare yourself and others. Consider some of the things you can do to make your upcoming vacation as stress-free as possible.

Inform Your Manager

Telling your boss that you want to take an impromptu vacation can cause office turmoil, but informing your superiors early is the best way to adequately prepare for your vacation from work. If your manager knows you are planning to take a vacation far in advance, he may have to arrange for a coworker to take over your duties or attempt to fill your position while you are gone. Make sure to sign any necessary paperwork to validate your time off, so your return to work is as easy as possible after your trip to the Bahamas is over.

Organize Your Workspace

If you plan on taking a vacation from work, organize your work area well before you leave. A clean, organized work space can improve your mood and enhance your ability to focus before and after your vacation. Respond to emails and other inquiries, and inform others that you are going away. A member of the company may have to access files or other materials, so make it easy to find needed items without going through tons of documents.

Prioritize Your Workload

Make a detailed list of all the tasks and assignments you need to complete before you go. Prioritize your daily schedule to include tasks that require completion, and allot secondary time to finish not-so-important tasks. This way, you can spend the greatest amount of time on matters that truly require your attention.

Speak with Your Coworkers

Informing your coworkers shows you're a professional who cares about the quality of office production in your absence. If colleagues rely on you for assistance, inform them that your vacation from work is approaching. Consider appointing a coworker to act in your absence or suggest teammates make arrangements and assign duties accordingly. You may also want to leave an emergency contact number just in case.

Finish Assignments Early

In addition to tackling your current work before you leave, you can also get a head start. If you finish some of your assignments early before taking a vacation from work, you can return with a clean slate. Aim to complete some tasks that are due soon after you return to work, so you can ease back into action after your vacation.

If you have a critical administrative role, it is more likely that your time off may affect office production. Making careful preparations before taking a vacation from work is the best way to keep the office from running smoothly after you leave. Proper vacation preparations benefit you and help the rest of the workforce in your absence.


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