Teenagers Are Making Out Well with Post-Pandemic Employment

Karina Bonowicz
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Covid-19 led to an economic downturn that affected every American employee—including the youth labor market. Now, with many businesses struggling to find employees, despite 8.4 million Americans being out of work, it seems like this summer we can expect a big teen job boom—it is predicted, that 2 million jobs will be filled by teenagers.

Teenagers were hit hard by the pandemic, not only did they have to take on remote learning they also had to deal with a lack of summer jobs last year. The share of teenagers working this summer is above pre-pandemic levels. In July 2020, 46.7% of young people were employed, down from 56.2% in July 2019. In a time when job openings are remaining unfilled, teenagers are making out well and are being seen as a reliable labor source. While older workers have priorities like childcare and fewer visas are being given to employees abroad, teenagers seem to be the answer. While this trend may only be temporary, teenagers looking to make some good cash and start saving for their futures, can certainly get in on the game.

This summer is a big chance for the youth labor market and this chance may not come again.


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  • Sonya s.
    Sonya s.

    Thanks I have extensive customer service and people skills, because of my age I cannot get a job, which I feel employers feel threatened by my experience. I was told by employee working at Walmart, CVS, and hotel chains.

  • Amelia M.
    Amelia M.

    Yup 😁

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