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Okay, you've just been laid off and you're desperately looking for administrative work--something you know how to do very well. But the job outlook is slim in today's economy. So what can you do? Try the temp-to-hire approach.

The first thing you need to do is assess your talents and skills in light of what today's companies are looking for. That means listing your management and computer skills on the top of your resume. Indicate that you will be looking for a temp-to-perm position. Include such skills as word processing, data entry, planning, billing and other administrative functions. You want to showcase a broad range of skills that will make you seem indispensable to a prospective employer who must fill a gap in talent quickly without a lot of training.

The next thing you'll have to do is arrive at a competitive fee for your services. For this you can either go online or call a number of local admin temp agencies to learn what they charge their clients for specific admin temps.

Now comes the hard part: Finding and contacting companies who will need your services. Some suggestions:

Sign up with local temp agencies. Let them know your skill sets and that you're looking for temp-to-perm work. Give them a range of pay rates to show your flexibility. Let them know the kind of work you prefer.

Scour the Web-Based Services: These sites offer office-based or remote contract work. Beware of any service that asks for money up front. Also watch out for companies that are brand new, or those that promise the moon in terms of pay or bonuses. Ask how and when you will be paid.

Local Newspapers: Small local businesses often look for part-time help. So check their ads.

Contact Past Employers: Let your previous employers know that you're out there and eager to help them with any admin chores. Get to know the HR people and let them know your rates and availability.

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