The Good, Bad and Ugly of a Resume Objective

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A job search requires you to craft an engaging cover letter, polish your portfolio and compile a resume that shows you are the ideal candidate. However, your resume objective can be the key to drawing the interest of potential employers if composed effectively. On the other hand, a poorly written objective can leave you sitting in the dark. Learn how to identify, customize and write an objective that engages hiring managers.

The Good

A resume objective statement offers hiring manages a summary of your overall career goals and outlines the opportunities you are seeking during your job search. Instead of using a statement that is generic and similar to other candidates' summaries, customize your objective statement to identify why the employer should put you in the prime spot in the candidate pool.

Think of this statement as an elevator pitch you would deliver at a networking event. Convince the employer that you have the skills and qualifications to make an impact in the position. Use specific keywords from the job description to put the hiring manager on alert when scanning your resume.

The Bad

You may put ample time and thought into crafting a resume objective statement, only to greet hiring managers who do not see the importance of this statement. Just as the need for a cover letter is often debated, some professionals do not see the value in writing a summary statement on resumes. A poorly written statement can hurt your chances of obtaining an interview. Determine what is best for your application materials.

If your experience is lacking, but your confidence and eagerness are in full gear, use a resume objective statement to show your passion for the industry or field. Outline what you hope to obtain while working in the field to further display your passion for the position. Job seekers who are changing careers or lack experience in the field can boost their chances of obtaining employment when writing a summary of their goals to make up for the gaps their resume may reveal. Rebrand your professional career with a statement that is thorough, well written and engaging.

The Ugly

Job seekers who disregard the resume objective statement could be hurting their chances of employment. For example, although some employers do not recognize the value of including career goals in a resume, if you neglect to include one for an employer who does see the value, your resume could be disregarded.

Put your eagerness to work for the company and make a difference in the field by crafting a resume objective statement that accurately displays your willingness to succeed. Personalize the statement for each position to show that you have thoroughly researched the company and the job opportunities.

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