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Technology's impact on the modern workplace is apparent throughout companies across the globe. From employee compensation to sales generation, many fundamental business activities now rely on technology. The mobile job hunt provides yet another example of this trend, with many job seekers now utilizing job apps to find potential leads. For employers and workers to remain relevant, it is important to understand the ins and outs of this dynamic recruiting tool.

Mobile device usage is on the rise, with many consumers eschewing traditional desktop systems in favor of portable tablets and smartphones. A recent survey from Nexxt found that 83% of job seekers are using mobile devices in their job search. (Click here to view the infographic, which includes additional statistics.) These miniature devices carry the same computing power of many desktop computers, yet they allow users to remain productive and efficient on the move. The mobile job hunt joins a wide assortment of other everyday tasks that users now conduct via their handheld devices.

Multiple software developers and firms have job apps that allow mobile users to peruse new listings, contact employers and even submit applications on the fly. Some mobile job hunt tools even give users the ability to write cover letters and tweak their resumes directly within the system. Not only do job hunters appreciate the simplicity of these mobile apps, but the very nature of these resources means job seekers have immediate access to new listings.

While the mobile job hunt is now a factor, it is important for users to remember that desktop job hunts are not yet obsolete. Some employers only advertise on desktop sites, while others provide additional job details on their company's blog. Many consumers find it tricky to navigate these resources on a mobile device, which makes it imperative for job hunters to find the right balance between both job hunting methods.

For employers, failure to maximize recruitment options through mobile applications often has serious repercussions. In fact, many unemployed workers cite inefficient use of mobile job hunt tools as a key disconnect between recruiters and job seekers. Businesses need to ensure their recruitment team utilizes a cornucopia of different resources in order to ensure would-be recruits do not fall to the wayside.

Additionally, while it is impossible to deny the value of mobile apps for the recruitment process, networking still serves as an essential tool for many employers. Fortunately, networking opportunities also exist on mobile platforms. Most of the key online networking sites offer dedicated mobile apps that link recruiters with would-be employees.

Finding a job requires hard work and dedication, regardless of the methods used to find employment opportunities. Jumping on the mobile job hunt trend allows employers and workers to remain on top of the game. By familiarizing themselves with the process now, job hunters and recruiters stay relevant and connected to a changing technological landscape.

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  • Frank D.
    Frank D.

    I have applied for instructor possessions, but have not been contacted once. How do I contact a recruiter?

  • Margie Taylor
    Margie Taylor

    Potential employers are all doing their searches with mobile and/or home computers. It's the most effective way to reach out.

  • Earnest S.
    Earnest S.

    great information for everyone!!!

  • Randall H.
    Randall H.

    Yeah I use the smart phone as a tool to find jobs and the PC to do the word processing. Nice info graphic but I did not notice any significance criteria, population sizes, etc. on the data!

  • George Jacob
    George Jacob

    It makes sense that people are looking for jobs on mobile devices. Tablets and smartphones are more and more prevalent, and they're easier than ever to use. I wonder how much this growth is tied to mobile traffic in general.

  • Alycia Marino
    Alycia Marino

    I like the infographic. Lots of interesting data there.

  • John K.
    John K.

    Agree, mobile has totally changed the landscape for job seekers and employers. Job seekers today have more tools available to support their job search. More than just apps, mobile allows job seekers to stay completely connected with new opportunities via email and text alerts. It will be interesting to see how this landscape continues to evolve in future months.

  • Gina D.
    Gina D.

    Love the infographic!

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