The Top Three Industries Hiring for 2012

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Despite bleak news on the job front for the past year, some large companies are planning on hiring more employees. According to a recent article in Industry Leader Magazine, the top three companies planning on hiring are:

1. McDonalds
2. Lowes
3. Home Depot

It’s no wonder that the top fast food retailer is hiring for 2012. Since they attract a younger, more mobile employee, with a lot of part-time positions, there are always turnover and open positions. The fast pace and long hours standing on your feet, dealing with all types of customers is difficult for some individuals.

The New Year may be the year for re-evaluating career opportunities and opening up your options. While making double-pounders with cheese and a side of fries may not be your idea of a challenging career, McDonalds is a huge organization with lots of opportunity for growth. A person with excellent skills and work ethic can move up rather quickly in a company where a lot of employees only want to work part time.

Lowes and Home Depot are thriving with the new trend of remodeling and DIY. With the collapse of the home-building industry, homeowners are making the most of what they have. They are spending money on refurbishing, remodeling and are doing it themselves at a growing rate. TV shows like DIY, This Old House and the other scores of home remodeling shows make tearing out walls and installing hardwood floors exciting and easy to do.

These companies are opening new stores and need talented people in all different types of trades and skill levels to offer what they are known for—expert customer service. If you are a plumber, electrician, contractor, welder or construction worker out of a job, they can use you at Home Depot or Lowes. The pay may not be the same, but you will be able to use your expertise in helping a do-it-yourselfer and help make the company profitable. These companies, like McDonalds, have hundreds of opportunities in management to move into. You may be starting at the bottom, but you’ll learn a lot, work for solid companies that are expanding, and position yourself for promotion.

Another plus is getting your foot in the door at these companies doesn’t require a college degree. Getting to know the business from the ground up is valued, and you will have an opportunity to work in just about every capacity as you move up the ranks. What better person to supervise a McDonald’s outlet than a person who has worked the Drive-Thru window and handled the food prep line. You gain credibility, expertise, and knowledge needed to lead and mentor others.

What other industries offer a foot in the door to a great career? List your favorites in the Comment section below.

Mary Nestor-Harper, SPHR, is a consultant, blogger, motivational speaker and freelance writer for Based in Savannah, GA, her work has appeared in Training magazine, Training & Development magazine, Supervision, BiS Magazine and The Savannah Morning News. When she’s not writing, she enjoys singing with the Savannah Philharmonic Chorus and helping clients reinvent their careers for today’s job market. You can read more of her blogs at and view additional job postings on Nexxt.

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