These are the Four People You Want in Your Network

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As you climb up the career ladder, you expect to accomplish your goals along the way. These goals can be financial or professional, charted on a monthly basis, and ambitious or steady. How you approach moving to your next accomplishment can make or break whether you meet your expectations.

Many people set goals as part of resolutions set at the New Year. Without any concerted effort to maintain the resolutions, your objective may be unreachable. Instead of going it alone, include four people from your network as a way to help you accomplish your goals.

Come up with a plan before you enlist the help of others. Know what milestones you want to hit and when. Turn your dreams into quantifiable objectives that propel you to accomplish your goals. As you write out your plan, break down long-term targets into shorter-term steps. Once you have a plan, it's time to share this with these people in your network.

1. Accountability Partner

Your accountability partner keeps you on task as you accomplish your goals. This person knows what you want to achieve and when, so this colleague or friend can ask you how each step is going, what you plan to do next and whether you need to change gears. An accountability partner helps motivate your journey.

2. Listener

Everyone needs another person to listen to what you have to say. In this case, a listener serves as the sounding board for your ideas. This friend or colleague can let you know if you have a good idea or if you should try a different tactic. The listener can also come up with plans or concepts you didn't think of originally. Your listener can put you in touch with others who can help accomplish your goals as you expand your network.

3. Industry Expert

An industry expert knows the ins and outs of your trade and can give you great advice on how to navigate your chosen field. This person attends industry meetings, conferences and events. Experts have experience with promotions, starting businesses, landing huge clients and managing large teams of people.

4. Mentor

A mentor is someone with all three of the aforementioned traits. This person's entire reason for being in your life is to guide you along the path of meeting your objectives. This mentor, adviser or coach consults with you on your plan every step of the way, and it's a job that the individual doesn't take lightly. A mentor listens to your ideas, helps you focus on the end game and is someone with lots of experience in your line of work.

Building relationships with each of these people is key to your professional growth and success. Only when you're willing to learn from others and hold yourself accountable can you begin to accomplish your goals the right way.

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