These Five Traits Could Bring You to the Front of the Pack

John Krautzel
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It is frustrating to apply and interview for multiple positions during your job search, only to watch other candidates field multiple job offers. However, you can increase your opportunities with interview preparation that finds you success. Focus on these five traits that can lead you to not only job offers but also a more confident outlook on your professional career.

Be Decisive

Your job search should be guided by your vision of a future career. Although you may desire a career in accounting or business management, narrow your goals so you can establish yourself as a niche expert in the field. Envision the type of company or industry where you see yourself succeeding as a professional, and focus your search on opportunities that fit that mold.

Re-Establish Yourself

When launching a job search in a new career field, take the time during your interview preparation to rebrand yourself in the industry. Transform your professional image on social media, contribute to guest blogs for organizations within your field, and engage in workshops and community events that are related to your field.

Correct Your Course

If you find yourself in a rut during your job search, be willing to redirect your efforts. Instead of networking with the same individuals, branch out and join organizations within your field. Cold-call professionals with industry experience and share your career goals to increase job leads that could ultimately result in an interview or job offer.

Change Your Strategy

The job search requires applicants to test their discipline. Even though you may believe that your application materials are solid, put in extra effort to make your resume and cover letter stand out. Prepare for interviews by revamping your 30-second pitch, and focus on what is most interesting and exceptional about your skill set and experience. Think outside of the box so that you can leave a lasting impression with interviewers.

Show Your Persistence

Rejection is never easy to swallow, but if you see candidates nabbing offers and positions while you continue your search, adopt a more persistent approach. Take the time to write a thank-you note to hiring managers, follow up regarding hiring decisions, and continue to update your skills and qualifications by engaging in community and educational workshops and seminars. Show that you are eager to join the company's team by networking with current employees of the firms where you hope to gain employment.

Show that you are the ideal applicant by focusing your job search on developing traits of a successful professional within your career field. Job seekers who are willing to redirect their strategies, follow up with persistence, think outside the box and develop a niche within their network may find that they can obtain the elite status of a must-have candidate.

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