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You started your professional life at the most basic level, but eventually you may want to grow beyond your current position and earn a promotion. You deserve it with your enhanced skills, experience and knowledge. When you feel ready to take the next step in your career ladder, examine these six tips to get you there faster than you expected.

1. Professional Standards

Your professional standards in your everyday work ethic go a long way toward your promotion. Data supplied by CareerBuilder indicates managers love employees who dress smartly, even on casual days. This belies an aura of professionalism at all times. Companies also promote people who ask questions when they aren't sure about something. Earn a promotion by solving problems instead of complaining about how something didn't turn out right.

2. Positive Attitude

One major stumbling block is having a negative attitude. Always smile and put on a happy face when you're at the office. Not only does a positive attitude help your mindset, but it also makes others around you happy. Earn a promotion with a constant, bright outlook even in the face of negativity, adversity or pessimism. Rather than getting upset about missing your sales goal, see it as a learning opportunity to improve your skills for next time.

3. Mentor

A mentor within your company knows what it takes to earn a promotion. That person is in a position you aspire to hold someday, whether in your current company or with another one. Seek out this person and get to know what makes his mind work. Rather than say outright that you want a mentor, build a relationship by simply talking. Conversations lead to trust and finding the ideal fit for a mentor. At some point, your mentor will talk about the tricks of the trade, what it takes to succeed and how you can reach the top.

4. More Responsibilities

Volunteer for more duties and more responsibilities. When your boss asks for people to take on extra work, pipe up and say something. The added work does a few things; it teaches you new skills and broadens your horizons. Meanwhile, your supervisor appreciates your hard work and attitude as you see the additional work as an opportunity to stretch your wings.

5. More Qualifications

Attend classes, training courses and events that broaden your skills, and become certified in some specialized skill that furthers your career. Earn a promotion with extra qualifications to put on your resume. Your manager will understand that, again, you take the initiative to improve your skills. When you invest time in your own work, your company may return the favor and promote you.

6. Personal Branding

Along the way of your professional journey, it doesn't hurt to promote yourself. Maintain your own website as a personal brand, and link to social media while updating your LinkedIn profile. Your personal brand and professional portfolio show prospective employers that you are serious about your career.

These six tips offer practical advice if you want to earn a promotion. The sooner you embrace these aspects of your professional life, the sooner you take off with more money, prestige and clout.

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