Tips for Sanitizing Your Workspace

Julie Shenkman
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As the saying goes, the best defense is a good offense, and in the office that would include sanitizing your workspace. Whether you are in a cubicle, an open bull pen or have your own office, it is prudent to use a standard practice for a clean workspace.

In the battle against grime and germs, Good Housekeeping offers a few tips and tools of the trade in a systematic process to ensure a clean workspace:

  1. Clean workspaces of dust and allergens. Static draws dust to electronics, so use wipes made for electronics or a microfiber cloth to clean computer screens and discs.
  2. Clear your desk of items and wash the surface with an all-purpose cleaner, a vinegar-water mix or a disinfecting wipe.
  3. Turn your unplugged keyboard over a trash can and tap it to dislodge particles. Use compressed air for hard-to-reach areas below the keys and wipe the surface of the keys with an alcohol-dampened cotton ball. For unplugged laptops, use a brush or compressed air to carry out this task.
  4. Wipe down your phone, making sure to clean the receiver and the key pad.
  5. Clean your mouse and cell phone with an alcohol or disinfecting wipe.
  6. Make sanitizing your workspace easier in the future by purchasing a washable keyboard or a cordless mini-vacuum.
  7. Store your disinfecting supplies at your desk for fast and easy cleanups.

If you share a workstation with a colleague, clean your workspace at the start of your shift. Shared equipment, such as a keyboard, mouse and phone, can be a major culprit in attracting germs that can make you sick. For employees who have a separate office, it is a good idea to clean your door handle or knob too. Door handles in high-traffic areas can pass germs on to colleagues and clients alike, so it is a good business practice for all concerned. Another tip is to avoid using glassware from an office kitchen. Instead, you can bring in your own mug, cup or glass for beverages, which is also an eco-friendly habit. If your own beverage holder is unavailable, opt to use a paper cup.

Lastly, two employee behaviors made the top-five list for common and annoying office habits: employees not cleaning up a personal mess in a common area and colleagues coming to work while sick. As the source states, not only do these practices show a lack of respect for colleagues, it can make fellow employees ill. To keep a clean workspace free of germs, take a sick day or telecommute when you are ill.

Sanitizing your workspace is the first step in a productive business day. By engaging in these simple habits, you can create a clean workspace and a healthy working environment for you, your colleagues and clients.


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  • Roberta B.
    Roberta B.

    At my previous job, I got made fun of for doing this. Oh well, I think I was sick less than them. They just wanted an excuse to be slobs, I think. LOL.

  • George Jacob
    George Jacob

    Now if only we could get everyone else to do these things too.

  • Alycia Marino
    Alycia Marino

    All good, no-brainer tips.

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