Tips to be More Efficient in Your Job Search

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An active, efficient job search means more than just looking at a job description, sending in a resume and waiting for a callback. Some people go overboard and seem to make job searching a profession that creates more stress than it tends to alleviate.

Streamline the process and make your efficient job search pay off without causing undue problems. You may not land a position after your first attempt. Getting a job could take months. However, with the right tools and the right attitude, you may find the right position at the perfect time.

Strategize your time wisely for an efficient job search. Spend time on the hunt using creative, specific pushes that make connections with employers. Spend 30 minutes each morning reaching out to recruiters on LinkedIn, followed by 30 minutes spent tweeting to staffing agencies. In the afternoon, contact relevant HR staffers through emails, phone calls and messages with administrative assistants.

Organize your home office space to optimize your job search. Clear out unnecessary papers from your desk. Create dedicated folders and files on your computer's hard drive to store basic copies of your resume and cover letter. Rename the files as you create tailored resumes and cover letters for various positions. Bookmark job postings, websites and articles on your Web browser so you do not have to retype the URL over again. Organize your website bookmarks into relevant folders so you know what Web pages you have already visited.

Do not mass apply to dozens of jobs all at once. When you mass apply without paying attention to details in the job descriptions, you turn off employers who see your resume and cover letter as nothing special. If you send out applications to jobs that do not meet your skill set, you may receive multiple rejections that lead to even more frustration. An efficient job search narrows your choices to jobs you would truly enjoy within your field of expertise, because anything else could lead to a waste of time for both you and your prospective employer.

Make in-person connections with people in departments that lead to your hiring. Get to know recruiters, HR managers and directors of staffing agencies personally rather than leaving messages to hear back or sending emails. Attend networking events to put your face and personality behind your name. Personal networking and building relationships could lead to a referral, which leverages your clout with a prospective employer.

If you have trouble breaking through, consider consulting a professional career coach who offers free sessions. Find help to tweak your resume and cover letter. Read online articles about current hiring trends, writing a great resume and landing a job interview.

Take breaks throughout your day and remember why you want a fulfilling position. An efficient job search requires breaks to do chores, eat lunch, go for a walk and spend time with the kids. Otherwise, you may burn out after just a few days.

Your efficient job search includes daily strategies until you discover what works best for you. In the end, you may find the process more fulfilling and rewarding once you obtain the job of your dreams.

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