Top Seven Reasons Your Best Employee Will Leave

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When any employee leaves, the company must endure the expense of recruiting new candidates, hiring an individual and conducting training. When a good employee leaves, the organization also loses invaluable knowledge and exceptional work ethic. Find out seven reasons employees quit to make sure you're doing everything possible to retain your top workers.

1. They Are Overworked

Managers tend to pile more work on the good employees, the ones who are trustworthy and dependable. If a worker feels taken advantage of, he's likely to quit. If you need to ask an employee to take on additional responsibilities, keep him involved in the conversation and ease him into the new duties rather than tossing them all his way at once.

2. They Don't Feel Valued

Employees want to feel like their superiors listen, take stock in their ideas and value their opinions. Allow your workers to have some decision-making responsibility. Recognize employees who do exceptional work, even if it's simply by saying "thank you."

3. There's No Room for Advancement

Employees who feel stuck in a rut at their current job are bound to start polishing their resumes. If your organization doesn't offer room to grow, you can expect good employees to jump ship. Keep employees motivated by offering training opportunities so they can hone their skills.

4. They Aren't Compensated Fairly

Not all managers have the ability or authority to hand out raises to good employees. If your star worker has gone a while without a raise and appears to be growing restless, offer him a few extra vacation days or a small bonus to recognize his hard work.

5. They Don't Trust You

Your best workers follow their ethics, and most aren't willing to work for a manager or an organization that's dishonest. Make sure your employees trust and respect you by keeping your word, treating clients and vendors fairly, and being honest with stakeholders.

6. The Company Culture Is Bad

When an organization values its profits over its workers, the company culture tends to sour. Morale drops, and productivity decreases. Good employees leave to escape the toxic culture. Maintain a pleasant work environment to keep employees motivated, leading to the increased profits your company desires.

7. They're Micromanaged

An organization with a rigid structure focused at the top makes employees feel stifled, and micromanaged employees produce less. If a worker has the knowledge and skills to handle a certain issue, empower him to take the lead. Encourage your workers to share their ideas and make decisions independently.

Sometimes employees leave for reasons that are beyond the company's control, such as relocation or an impossible-to-pass-up job offer. Other times, organizations lose good employees for reasons that are avoidable. Pay attention to the reasons employees quit to ensure your agency isn't making these costly mistakes.

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