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Employees resign for many reasons, even just quitting without notice. Training new employees to replace them is expensive, time consuming and affects your customer service. Keeping your employees happy to continue to keep your company running smoothly is a priority. Here are some ideas to prevent unhappy employees and excessive turnover.

The Employee

Any employee can feel unappreciated. Perhaps it’s an employee who has been with you from the beginning when you first started building your business. The employee has enjoyed the professional and personal connection you have shared and knows that you relied on her. Knowing that what she contributes still matters is important to her. She doesn't want to feel like a cog in a wheel.


Don’t impose too many constraints without your key employees' input; it can make employees think about moving on. Keeping bright, hardworking employees challenged is also important. If employees feel as if there is nothing left to challenge them, they can become bored and begin to look elsewhere for more challenging work.


A Change in Management

The lack of support, lack of leadership and failure to realize the impact of how changes in management can affect employees can cause serious issues. One of the key issues is to make sure you speak personally with the employees who will be most affected by the changes. Employees, who once only reported to you, may now have to report to someone else. You need to keep the connection you have with your longest-serving employees without undermining their new boss.


Another big issue can be lack of management support. If a manager won’t right a legitimate wrong, or listen to grievances, it will be difficult to maintain a cohesive working staff. Also, if unrealistic goals are set without taking into consideration what it will take to actually reach those goals, it will cause a breakdown in morale and the desire to complete the task at hand.


Other Causes

Some other reasons that may cause employees to jump ship are lack of proper compensation, insufficient time off and lack of advancement. Paying employees what they are worth will help keep them happy and contented. Companies who are generous in this area are the ones most likely to keep their employees. Another cause for turnover is lack of direction. If management doesn’t supply a working model for success and nurture the employees who have vision, the employees will find another company who does. Employees are not robots who can work tirelessly day in and day out without a break. If you give your employees additional workloads without corresponding time off, workers will begin to revolt against this rigorous schedule. This will lead to higher turnover cost and lower production output as workers begin to tire and call off work.


By working hard at keeping employee rapport, excellent working conditions and compensation for additional workloads or harder working conditions, you can keep your employee turnover at a minimum which, in turn, will help keep your customer service running smoothly.


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  • Linda Ruzicka
    Linda Ruzicka
    Gary, thank you for your input!
  • Linda Ruzicka
    Linda Ruzicka
    Carol, I agree. A company should try to work with an employee that is trying to accomodate. That is one of the perks that are supposed to be great about working from home, flexible hours that are truly flexible. Thanks for your input!
  • Linda Ruzicka
    Linda Ruzicka
    Arash, I understand completely, I wouldn't want to work in a company under those conditions either!
  • Gary
    It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out. Put simply, most bosses have no idea what it takes to retain good employees. - they are too busy covering their butts and trying to squeeze the last ounce of work from their employees at the cheapest possible price.  And if you make even the slightest mistake, the boss is on you like fresh dung. Your accomplishments are rarely acknowledged because the boss is afraid you'll ask for more money.  
  • Carol D
    Carol D
    I agree whole heartedly with everything said.  I worked at home for four months as a customer service rep.  I had four team leaders in as many months.  Was not allowed to bid for hours.  When my hours were given to me the last month of my employment, I was unable to work the last hour of my assignment so had to e-mail everyone and I got another employee to swap hours with me.  This lasted one week and then my hours were changed again.  I had to pick up my grandson from school so this was not negotiable.  The team leader refused to get my hours changed so I had to resign.  If the company does not accommodate an employee, then word gets out that the company is a bad employer.
  • Arash S
    Arash S
    I would also help if management directly communicated with me; offered advice; their knowledge and expertise; constructive criticism; and an invitation for dialogue, friendship, helping solve problems; etc. I do not enjoy the blame game: finger-pointing: and assumptions about my motives: these things will only anger me, and present me with the only option of not wanting a relationship with a company.  
  • Linda Ruzicka
    Linda Ruzicka
    Amika, I'm sorry to hear that your job is not working out especially with the way the economy is. I wish you luck on the ongoing job hunt! Thanks for your comment.
  • Amika A
    Amika A
    I agree with the writer because I am a customer service representative for a non profit organization and I not happy. I have been with this company for 4 months and I am already looking for a new job because the pay is not enough to pay my bills plus the job does not offer growth.
  • Linda Ruzicka
    Linda Ruzicka
    thank you Marie!
  • Marie Y
    Marie Y
    On point
  • Linda Ruzicka
    Linda Ruzicka
    Hi Jean-Claude, thank you for your input and best of luck in your new career.
  • Jean-Claude D
    Jean-Claude D
    Been there, and have done that for 15 years. I left the field to be a HS French teacher.

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