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If you are one of many candidates on the job search, your resume must capture the attention of hiring managers. Many employers are now more in favor of modern resume formats, so it's time for some updated resume advice. Follow these tips to give your resume a modern look and land that dream job.

Make Your Contact Info Stand Out

Your contact information is one of the most important elements of your resume. After all, if an employer is truly impressed with your work experience and skills but can't figure out how to get in touch with you, it undermines the process. Use boldface type, italics or shading to display your name, phone number and email address prominently at the top of the page. Including your physical address is outdated and no longer recommended.

Use Keywords

Many employers use application tracking software to scan hundreds of resumes at a time. To make sure your resume makes it through this first step, include keywords that are highly relevant to the job. Be specific: if you're in sales, include keywords such as "sales goal," "account management," or "client services." If your resume doesn't include the right keywords, it may be discarded before a human ever lays eyes on it. For help with keywords, read over the job description thoroughly and choose the terms that are emphasized the most, as long as they directly relate to your own skills and experience.

Make an Infographic

If you're on the job search for a creative or modern industry such as graphic or Web design, consider transforming your resume into an infographic. An infographic displays information in a visually appealing way, often with the use of bold text, bullet points and numbered lists. It can be easier to read than a text-heavy traditional resume, which makes it a good choice if you want to highlight specific accomplishments. Make sure you use an appealing and consistent color and design theme.

Make Your Resume Downloadable

If you're uploading your resume onto a job board such as Monster or CareerBuilder, don't simply cut and paste the text. Often, there are formatting issues that cause the uploaded resume text to appear out of line, too small or weirdly cut off. Moreover, if a recruiter sees your resume and wants to forward it to a hiring manager, he has to copy and paste the text again into a Word document or email, resulting in further formatting issues. For best results, upload your resume in its entirety as a downloadable document. Once uploaded, go back and check to see that everything looks right, and that the resume can be saved and forwarded while keeping its integrity.

Traditional resume formats are still welcome and highly effective for people who work in conservative industries, but many employers prefer more updated resume styles. Your resume is your chance to make an impression on a potential employer, so consider tweaking it a bit to keep up with industry trends.

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