Using 'I' Statements and First Person On Your Resume

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Never use ‘I’ statements or any first person references in your resume. Resume writing is a whole other form of writing. There are separate rules, standards, grammar and spelling expectations. This is the first in a series of 10 resume writing tips. Never use the word ‘I’ in a resume. Especially in your objective or career summary. We’ll talk about why you shouldn’t have an objective in Resume Tip #2. First of all, even though your resume is about you, it really should be ALL about you. The employer isn’t interested in what you want, they’re interested in what they can get from you. As harsh or sad as that may sound it is true. When they look at your resume they are scanning it to see if you have the preliminary skills and abilities they need in their ideal candidate. If you pass the initial scan then you will receive a more thorough evaluation. One of the most detrimental things you can do to your resume is write it in the narrative, or say I want a position that is XYZ. That is a BIG NO NO. Instead write all of your documents in the third person. Think of your resume as a brag sheet that someone else is writing about you. Think of all the things you would want someone else to say about you as an employee if they were giving your potential employer a recommendation about you. Then put that information into your resume. Most importantly as if you were that third person telling the employer about you.

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