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If you want to get noticed by a reputable company, you can send a letter of interest. Consider how you can make your letter of interest more effective.

Understand the Purpose

A letter of interest is sometimes thought to be the same as a cover letter, but there are some unique differences. You can send a letter of interest whether or not a company has an open position available. A basic cover letter focuses on a particular position, while a letter of interest may be used for inquiring about a general type of work with a company. Your main goal with a letter of interest is similar to a cover letter, however, as the goal is to help you get noticed by the employer.

Direct the Letter to the Right Person

Who you send it to is as important as what you write. If you want your letter of interest to succeed in getting into someone’s hands, you should address the letter to a specific person within the company. Find out the name of a hiring manager or a human resources manager, and direct your letter to him or her, making sure to include the proper title.

Show Genuine Interest and Individuality

A great letter of interest allows your unique personality to shine through in the correct dose. Research the company to learn more about them to inspire your words. Explain why you are interested in joining the company, and use professional enthusiasm to deliver your point and market yourself to the company’s representative. Use positive, descriptive language to engage the recipient. Sign your letter of interest by hand to add a personal touch. Scan your signed copy, and upload it to the computer if you are sending a digital copy.

Highlight your Qualifications and Skills

Your letter of interest can be used to market yourself to any company you wish, so highlight your most relevant skills and qualifications. Explain how your qualifications are a good fit for the type of position you are seeking. If you can convince the company that your abilities can make a difference in their workforce, you will make a memorable impression that truly peaks their interest.

Refine your Letter

An excellent letter of interest is well-formatted free of error. Make sure that your letter of interest is concise to better maintain the attention of the reader. Use a clear, professional font, double-check all of your contact information and be sure to include a professional email address as well.

Submit your Letter Multiple Ways

Many companies accept both electronic submissions and hard copies from interested job candidates. If you want to increase the chances of your letter being seen, you should send both an electronic copy and a hard copy of your letter of interest to maximize your chances.

A letter of interest can be the secret weapon that helps you snag the job with an ideal company. Remember to request an interview, and you may be contacted whether a position is open or not. Sending a letter of interest to various employers can open doors to superb job opportunities, so don’t hesitate to send one to each company you are interested in.


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