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Job seekers face steep competition when justifying their skills and experience during a job interview. It is important to stand out from the rest of the candidates by presenting yourself in an interesting manner. Focus on ways to show your personality while answering interview questions in order to dazzle hiring managers and make a good first impression, thereby increasing your opportunities and chances of joining the firm's team.

Dress for Success

Professional attire is expected from job candidates, but it doesn't hurt to show some artistic flair when dressing for a job interview. Add an accent to your wardrobe by wearing an accessory or piece of jewelry that is a conversation starter. Style your hair so it is professional yet unique. Let your personality shine through your outfit so that the hiring manager remembers both your style and unique taste.

Spotlight Your Knowledge

Make a lasting impression by relaying your knowledge of the company's success, product line and culture during the job interview. Research the company's accomplishments and standing within the industry prior to walking through the door to better prepare yourself for the interview. Qualified candidates can use this information to outline a strategic plan for the open position. Detail how you intend to make an impact while employed with the firm to show that you are eager and prepared for the position.

Mirror Body Language

Take cues from the interviewer when using body language to show your interest in the position. Mirror the interviewer's behavior to make him comfortable with you when discussing your qualifications and skills. Candidates should practice displaying confidence prior to the job interview. Pay close attention to your eye contact, tone of voice and gestures to ensure you are communicating in a natural manner that is not distracting.

Spark Conversation

You are expected to provide thoughtful and professional answers to interview questions. However, do also prepare questions for the interviewer to keep the conversation moving. Get the interviewer talking by inquiring about the company's operations, expectations of the ideal candidate, and the ins and outs of the company culture. Foster a discussion that is professional yet lighthearted to engage the hiring manager from the start of the interview.

Offer Creative Answers

Hiring managers interview multiple candidates for each job, so your responses to questions must be unique. Go beyond the standard responses that sound scripted and inject your personality into the conversation. Provide clear-cut examples of how you have succeeded in previous positions. Outline goals you have created for yourself, positive interactions with clients and team-building activities that have improved your performance at former jobs.

Your goal during a job interview should be to stand out from the rest of the candidates. Ensure you are making a lasting impression by developing creative responses, engaging the interviewer and dressing for success to increase your opportunities.

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  • Alicia Estrada
    Alicia Estrada

    Have to keep employers on their toes too, not only with conversation but with a professional appearance & comfortable/approachable body language! Thank you for sharing :)

  • Stephen U.
    Stephen U.

    Very Nice Article! My ADHD usually takes the interviewer on a quite interesting journey they have to buckle up for. It ends up switching our roles by the end of the quest to where I am interviewing them. Interestingly enough, (knock on wood) I've almost always captured the job I was seeking. As arrogant as that sounds I'm humbled to say it can be damaging in the field and end said job. I Hope these words found you in good spirits. Thanks for your time,

  • pamela F.
    pamela F.

    Very good points

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