Ways to Deal With Rude People

Julie Shenkman
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It is inevitable that administrative assistants have to deal with rude clients or even impolite employees on the job. Administrative assistants must provide service with a smile and cope with challenges creatively. They should handle the interactions with professionalism to deter the behavior and improve the overall satisfaction of both customers and co-workers.

Administrative assistants who can keep calm, even when interacting with rude clients, help to build a positive reputation for the company, and brand themselves as professionals in the field. As an administrative assistant, resist the temptation to complain to others, strive not to become easily flustered and don't lash out when co-workers or customers are impolite. Discourage the poor behavior by showing that you are in control of your responses and take a deep breath before responding, recommends OfficeTeam, a division of Robert Half. The role of an administrative assistant is to serve clients and co-workers. Show that you can handle challenges by remaining calm at all times.

Vamp up your efforts to exhibit kind behavior when people are outwardly rude during business transactions and interactions. Charm can go a long way when customers or clients are flustered and frustrated with products and services. Maintain a professional demeanor, smile often and attempt to overwhelm rude people with kindness to help them control their outbursts or aggressive behavior. Clients who receive genuine and caring service are less likely to take their frustrations out on company representatives who are trying to resolve their problem.

Avoid misleading tactics that are inaccurate and dishonest just to calm an angry or rude customer. Be upfront when communicating solutions and offer multiple options to help the angry person feel in control of the situation. Ask clients how they would like to be served and give them your undivided attention during the interaction. People don't always realize when they are being rude, so it is important for administrative assistants to communicate that they understand the client's frustrations and point out that the plan to do everything possible to resolve the problem in a professional manner. Ask the client to please interact in the same way so the best solution is possible.

Administrative assistants should attempt to calm angry customers or co-workers and resolve the problem, but they shouldn't have to deal with abusive behavior. When attempts to calm the client's behavior fail, inform them that you have to end the phone call or request assistance from a manager if the abusive behavior continues. Report the behavior to a superior, and document how you handled the problem with the co-worker or client.

Focus your efforts on serving each and every client and co-worker in a caring and helpful manner, even if rude behavior occurs. Administrative assistants who creatively try to calm impolite people and resolve problems are an asset to the company or organization.

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