What Baby Boomers Can Learn From Millennials

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Baby boomers have a lot of skills and experience that they can pass onto millennials. However, older workers also have a lot to learn from their younger colleagues. Some of the characteristics of the millennial generation help them thrive in the modern workplace. By adopting some of the habits of millennials, baby boomers may improve their own career prospects.

1. Baby Boomers Must Embrace Technology

Millennials are generally very comfortable with technology. They have grown up with the Internet and are often keen to embrace every new technological trend. For example, millennials tend to have an intrinsic understanding of the importance of social media, which can help them network online. Baby boomers need to embrace the modern technological landscape, as smartphones, apps and social networking sites are likely to become even more important in the business world.

2. Collaboration is Key

Perhaps as a consequence of the connected environment that they grew up in, millennials generally understand the importance of collaboration. Whereas baby boomers may be used to workers staying in their individual offices or cubicles, millennials often prefer to discuss ideas with others and work together on projects. The era of each employee having a private workspace is almost over, which is something that baby boomers need to understand.

3. Speed is Important

In today's fast-paced world, speed is everything. Baby boomers must get used to the idea that getting a job done quickly may be more important than getting every detail perfect. Millennials are generally more comfortable with the fast pace of the modern business environment than their older colleagues.

4. Millennials Value Work-Life Balance

Millennials want to achieve success in their careers, but their personal lives are also important to them. The culture of long hours is rapidly being replaced by a more flexible culture, where results matter more than being the last person to leave the office. Baby boomers should recognize that their millennial co-workers and employees are prepared to work hard, but they also require flexibility. Boomers who are involved in hiring millennials may need to offer benefits such as flexible working hours to attract the most talented workers.

5. Millennials Have the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Whereas baby boomers are used to strict hierarchies and clearly defined roles, millennials are more likely to have an entrepreneurial mindset. Many baby boomers would benefit from adopting this independent spirit, as it could help them gain career success.

Although baby boomers have a number of valuable skills, they can learn a lot from their younger counterparts if they keep an open mind about new ways to operate in the workplace. Baby boomers can follow the example of millennials to develop their understanding of technology and adapt to working in the fast-paced modern workplace.

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