What Constitutes a Good Job?

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A good job means different things to different people. The definition often changes as people grow older and develop new interests. Having a family may also change a person's perception of what it means to have a good job. Discover what constitutes a good job and what you must do to pursue a position that makes you happy.

Compensation Helps, But It's Not Everything

Annafi Wahed was on the cusp of earning six figures when she gave up her high-powered job at a consulting firm in 2016. She had a passion for politics, so she quit her good job to become a part of Hillary Clinton's campaign for president. When Wahed gave her employer two weeks’ notice, she knew she made the right decision because she felt a huge weight lift from her shoulders. She leveraged her passion for politics into owning her own media company that summarizes daily political analysis. Instead of working for a corporation that paid her huge sums of money, Wahed became her own boss.

Essential Factors for a Good Job

A Business Insider survey of 1,000 people, conducted in December 2018, shows three main factors that go into what people perceive as a good job. In addition to pay, health insurance, paid vacation and retirement savings each factored into more than 70 percent of the respondents' answers as to what they want from a decent job. Many people see high pay as a factor right out of college because student loans and student debt weigh heavily on their decisions. As they progress in their careers and learn more skills, employees are more willing to seek out more fulfilling career options.

Enhancing Priorities

One common factor among younger and older workers is the need to gain more experience before following their dreams. Sometimes, a good job starts out as a way to pay the bills and eventually gives workers the skills they need to pursue their passions. For example, working hard at a corporate job early in your career can help pay off student debt faster, but your work ethic also helps you develop the skills you need to become a manager or small business owner.

It's important to make sure your passion aligns with your skill set. You may have a passion for early childhood education, but you might not have the skills or certification to become a teacher. Start by gaining the skills you need to achieve your career goals. Continuously set new goals and seek new opportunities until your job aligns with your passions.

The definition of a good job may change as you progress through your professional life. Knowing what you want at various stages and working hard to accomplish your goals can help you find the career path that works best for your life. What does a decent job mean in your mind?

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